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  1. Wood working for my entryway

    ok so I am not really sure if this belongs on lumberjocks or not. It involves wood and woodworking, but really pertains more to my efforts to restore my old home. So It is of my old entryway in my 125 yr old home. This is of the entryway in our house. So our home is over 100yrs old and the...
  2. Arts & Crafts Style Door Casing

    I had to repair my front door before the cold weather came in and had to remove the casing to do so. Instead of putting the cheap cardboard stuff back up, however, I went right down to my workshop and whipped up a better casing project. The chalkboard paint was my wife's idea. You can watch the...
  3. Blogs
    Making and Installing Custom Door Trim Here's a detailed video with lots of tips on installing custom door trim. It covers plinth blocks, casing installation, and making a 3-piece cap for the door casing. The key tool I use in this video is my miter saw and the dust collection hood I...
  4. Blogs
    How to Replace Trim on a Pre Hung Door See how I built this custom door trim and learn how to replace trim on a pre hung door. There are a few steps that need to happen in the right order to make the job easier to do. I hope you enjoy my latest video. Scott Video Link->
1-4 of 4 Results