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  1. Boulle marquetry doors

    Couple years ago we were hired to build a Boulle cabinet for a client in New York who wanted a murphy bed for his office. The project started with a all Armoire, before they changed there mind and decided to go for just the door on a black cabinet. The Armoire project had a marquetry layout...
  2. Uncle Sam, Puppeteer

    This is an Uncle Sam carving, carved as a puppeteer, with elephant and donkey puppets. Sam is 12 inches tall, not counting the base, carved from basswood, painted with acrylic paints. This was done as a special order for a customer. Claude
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi everyone, I'm just getting started building a table for my house, and found this design that my wife likes. The project overview can be found here. Since this will be my first real woodworking project, I'd like to keep the material costs relatively low. I will be using red oak for the table...
  4. Blogs
    The History of the Chevalet de Marqueterie From W Patrick Edwards blog When I started restoring marquetry on antique furniture in 1969, I looked at Diderot and Roubo for information on what kind of tool the French were using. What I found was called a donkey, and it had a seat, a foot pedal...
  5. Wood & Lumber
    I am building displays with a turning base which will have a 12" lazy susan attached at the bottom. I would like to buy some nice crosscut wood for the base OR round discs , not crosscut. Mesquite or something cool looking would be nice. Cracks and imperfections in cross cut wood is ok as I...
1-5 of 5 Results