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  1. Great Bookcase

    This a bookcase made of solid Walnut and Walnut veneer. Custom was the understatement here. The client has great taste and wanted something unique for their great room. When we first saw the drawings we did not know how we were going to make the solid dome in the top section. We have done many...
  2. Marine EGA Shadowbox

    Just Finished! This is a Marine EGA Symbol Shadowbox I was asked to build. It's solid Mahogany except for the eye and toes of the Eagle which are Walnut. The Eagle is done in the Intarsia Art form I enjoy doing! I used a real piece of rope thinking it would accentuate this project. I felt...
  3. Bow Front Dresser and Mirror

    Unfortunately I couldn't get better pictures of this piece due to the room size. It is a bow front dresser with dowled drawers. The mirror hangs directly on the wall above it with a hidden cleat. The drawers are maple, the rest of the piece is mahogany, and the top is sapele.
  4. Geodesic Garden Shed

    Here is an 11' diameter 2v geodesic garden shed that I built. I built this to prove a theory that I had that computer design and accurate miters/construction screws would result in a cheaper/easier and faster to build geodesic construction than the expensive and sometimes flimsy/unwieldy hubs...
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    It's Spring time and that means I'm already behind in work that has to get done! The geodome greenhouse I built a few years ago was in dire need of repair so I took the opportunity to re-skin it and make some changes to it that I've been wanting to do for a while. And hopefully along the way...
  6. Blogs
    challenge02 - my shop at Mountain View Dome I don't own a camera so a neighbor volunteered to film my shop. Its a bit unique so enjoy. I hope it even worked since we don't know what we are doing. :-) Always willing to learn new things! Watch the Video
  7. Woodworking Skill Share
    How long does it take the mineral oil to soak the board? Once the oil has soaked into the board how do you get the board "dry" that is so that the oil does not come off on whatever you will be cutting on the board? Last question. How do I convince my wife to actually use the board as a cutting...
  8. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Ok guys this one goes out to those who have made woden scoccer balls or you guys that are real good at sketch up. First the background info - Back in 1972 Buckminster Fuller designed the Hexi-Pent dome. A simple to build and assemble dome system. Back then they offered plans of which I could not...
1-8 of 8 Results