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  1. Dolphins in the Waves

    I wanted to try something different. Knowing how difficult, if at all possible it would be to cut such tight corners in the block of cherry, I decided to cut partial shapes for the drawers. I then cut drawer fronts from contrasting hard maple. I was able to cut the full dolphin shape in the...
  2. mom and pop seafood restroom signs

    First time making any kind of sign but had fun carving them out and putting them together
  3. Dolphin attempt

    My first attempt on a creature. This was a fun and different project for me. I was certainly inspired by others in lumberjocks . I used Apple wood with a teak oil finish. I had to work around lots of defects in the wood. thanks tony
  4. swimming dolphin

    swimming dolphin - made from apple wood with a teak oil finish. made in 2 pieces.. Base and dolphin separate. Tried to make it look like the dolphin is floating above the waves.. i guess my apple wood is finally drying out. first pieces I did not struggle with cracks and splits from the wood...
  5. 1:6 scale model of the Wegner Dolphin chair

    I've had my eye on the Wegner JH510 'Dolphin' chair for a while. I worked out some vectors for the pieces a while back, but paused after that. I've been getting the itch to build another chair, but unfortunately, I can't allocate time to work on one right now. But a couple days to knock out a...
  6. Misc Scroll Saw

    These are a few projects made on the scroll saw or Blade Runner as is the case with the Rose. Could not tell you the original design creator other then to say these were all found as Google images… Minnie was made for my niece's daughter oak ply set into oak ply and cut to as I recall to 3...
  7. Dolphin box for Chrystal

    This was a gift to my daughter Chrystal who loves dolphins.
  8. Dolphin

    A stylized leaping dolphin in walnut. This is 12 inches tall, roughly 1.5 times the size of the original pattern. Pattern is from "The Art of Stylized Wood Carving" by Charles Solomon and David Hamilton.
  9. Mermaid & Dolphin

    White stained Oak with a Limba scrolled mermaid riding on a dolphin.
  10. Dolphin, Black Walnut, Oak Base

    I made this carving for my Grandson, at the same time that I made The "Hands on a Heart" I thought it would be nice to give them "His, & Her's" gifts. The base of this carving is about 4" square, & it has a Tung oil finish.
  11. US Navy on rough sea automaton

    USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier with F/A-18 planes and H-60 Seahawk helicopter
  12. Native American Flutes!

    Learned so much making these (the first six ended up firewood). Fascinating to figure out how to channel the air in, out, across, over, and onto the so-called "knife edge" that splices it 'just so' that somehow magically creates a clear, pure tone. I think these may be the most fun, most...
  13. Focus on the Workspace
    I have stopped my car "hobby" and decided to get deeper into woodworking. I like the be able to make things, and woodworking is the best path to creating usable items. Over the last month I have been trying to pick up some tools that can increase what I can actually do with the limited space and...
  14. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Here is a wonderful video about a Dolhpin & a Dog… Really VERY NICE… You will be very happy you watched it A Wonderful Dolphin - Dog Video
  15. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hey all, long time listener, first time caller. I'll rudely jump right in with a question now that I've moved from dreaming about tackling some of this stuff to actually doing…. I've got a dining table build in progress, and its pretty far along: the base is done, most of the top is laminated...
1-17 of 17 Results