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  1. Custom Folding Knife: Elk Antler Handle, Turquoise Stone, Abalone, Natutical Scrimshaw Artwork

    This knife was a commissioned piece to be given to the Best-Man for his part in a wedding in California this weekend, and so it has been "SOLD" If you are surfing for a custom folding knife, visit this link to see one that is ready for shipment. for more information, please email me: email...
  2. Trio of Shark Teeth

    Original Plans were ordered from The Wooden Teddy Bear These were made by request for someone who is an avid diver and a lover of sharks. He chose Lacewood for the design and they're backed in plywood painted the same color as the paint table (which is why you can't see the backing).
  3. Blogs
    Cross Training When going through marathon training (I ran three in 2001 and hope to run another in December of this year), one thing that you should always incorporate is cross-training. Typically one day a week, do something other than running to perhaps develop supporting muscle groups, or...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    For all of those LJs in Utah, just wanted to mention I have about 50 sheets of 4×8 veneer and other ply that I would like to sell. Here is a general list of what I have: (9) 1/8" thick 4×8 sheets of "Lite Ply" (~10) 1/8" thick 4×8 sheets of white ply mdf with a solid white surface (~25)...
1-4 of 4 Results