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  1. Barn Door Baby Gate For A Dog Sitter

    A customer of mine watches dogs of all sizes. During feeding time she needed to separate them as well as keep them out the kitchen when cooking. She found a picture online she liked and asked me to re-create it. Made from 1x pine. Some tool and saw marks left in, others added. Distressed with...
  2. Rustic Bathroom Cabinets

    Most of you have seen these in my blog, but I figured it was time to make them an official project. Three piece collection including a vanity, window wall, and medicine cabinet using distressed alder, willow twigs, pine logs, and maple carvings. The vanity has a twig magazine holder built into...
  3. End Table

    My wife found this site that had a copy of a Pottery Barn table. They want $200 for the crazy thing, so I built it out SYP 2×4's for like $30 bucks. I used a chisel and bag of screws to distress the top. Used a little Dark Walnut stain and there you have it.
  4. shaker inspired cupboard

    My wife needed a small cupboard for storing overflow kitchen items. She had something in this spot allready, but it was pretty much useless when it came to storage (attached as picture 3 - as you can see it was all leg). By using the same footprint I greatly increased the storage capacity and...
  5. Beauty in Brokenness Stained Glass Window Frame

    This project was harder on me than the wood. It was my first attempt at distressing perfectly good wood. Someone donated three old, somewhat broken stained glass windows to our church and I needed to make a frame that would enhance as well as support the windows for visual displays like during...
  6. Alder and Walnut Vessel Vanity

    Copper patina panels added to alder and walnut cabinet.
  7. Picture Frame

    My 10 yr old nephew was visiting so I decided we'd make something together for his mom. We made a distressed frame just like this one out of poplar. I had him gather up some small concrete pieces laying around and put them in a plastic sack. He lightly beat the wood pieces with it. After...
  8. Pine Step Stools

    See how I made these stools at my blog here at Lumberjocks
  9. Faux Beam TV Wall Unit

    Our living room TV wall looked kind of boring with the TV hanging on the blank wall. I originally had designed this TV Wall unit with the big box beam on top like a header, but TLOML suggested turning it upside down like a mantel and it looked so much better. All the faux beams are hollow with...
  10. McMullen Master Vanity

    This was my first ever cabinet. This vanity was made for friends of mine that were finishing up some remodeling just in time for the Billings Heritage Home Tour. The key elements to making the vanity look like a piece of furniture were the legs and the unbroken faceframe. The construction is...
  11. Oak Beam Mantel

    For our new house I wanted to add a little bit of a personal touch. I found an old oak beam in one of the lofts of a barn on my wife's family farm and decided that it would make the perfect accent to the fireplace I was installing. After power washing and removing all the dirt, dust and grime of...
  12. Shabby chic table with distressed antique finish

    All in pine, top boards were distressed before glue up then biscuited and glued, pocket joinery for the legs and aprons. Finish for the top is a dark walnut gel stain with poly (2 in 1) and the bottom is painted then sanded for the antique look and walnut stain rubbed over to soften the paint. ;)
  13. Small Country Table

    I just finished up this project for the house. We needed a small table for the sun room and I built this to go with the coffee table in front that I also built. I sprayed it with Satin Latex paint then distressed it and stained it with a Dark Walnut stain and then sealed it all up with a few...
  14. Distressed Puerto Rican Flag

    Distressed Puerto Rican Flag 34.5 X 19.75
  15. Old English Farmhouse Dining Table

    I make 4-8 of these a month. Various color and woods. This one has an antique white over medium gray distressed base with a solid ash top. Top is finished with 1 coat of emtech sealer and 3 coats of emtech 6000. The base has 2 coats of 6000 over the paint. Credenza and bench to match. The chairs...
  16. Paper Shredder in Disguise

    I saw this piece of furniture in a catalog and thought "I can make that". It's a small cabinet that hides my paper shredder. This piece started out as poplar since I had plenty left over from building my work shop. But I wanted it to match my existing office furniture which would best be...
  17. Distressed pine powder room sink/cabinet

    This is a distressed pine powder room sink/cabinet that I made for my sister. She wanted that "old country" look, which makes sense because her house is an old country house. She's going to put a curtain around the cabinet part to really give it the look. This was my first time working with...
  18. Charleston Four Post Bed-Queen Size

    Queen size bed. Birch and pine. Two coats of black latex paint. Quick sand with 80 grit. Extensive sand with 220. Coat of Minwax dark walnut stain. Wipe off excess. Sit for one day to cure. Final 2 coats of water born poly.
  19. China Hutch

    I made this for my wife to match our dining room table and chairs. The pattern is by Norm Abram/NYW.
  20. Buffet Table

    I made this for my wife to match our dining room table and chairs. I purchased the turned legs, as i don't have a lathe. This is my own design.
1-20 of 99 Results