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    Two okoume 15mm playwood boards 190x85cm. They are foldable in order to carry them easily. At the back they were fixed with inlay boards , edges cut on 35 degree. Finish wood primer, than main water based paint.
  2. Display stands

    I decided awhile ago I needed some display stands. I used some scraps of wood and plexiglass and did these 3 designs. You can do any shape you need to make them interesting and gives your work a nice presentation.
  3. Inlay Banding

    I decided to try making some simple inlay banding with my new CNC router. Come to 21st Century Woodworking to get project files and more details. Check out the project video here. Also, your mess ups make great bookmarks… my wife loves hers.
  4. Door Valance

    I finished my door valance. *BG I also have another pic on my home pages under MISC. Thanks for looking! The Carvers Corner Cathy Krumrei Grand Rapids, Minnesota Available now! Forever Flowers Book or CD Learn to carve wood flowers that last forever! Order today!
  5. Butcher shop display

    My nephew works at a butcher shop and his boss asked me if I could make him some displays for his store …( I'd already made him some cutting boards that he was quite pleased with..) This is what I came up with….so now he can hang one over each types of meats/poultry/pork/fish that he carries...
  6. Military Challenge Coin Display

    A lady and her husband talked with me at a craft show about finishing a military "Shadow Box" for them. Her son had made the basic box, but had never finished it. Due to a misunderstanding about the dimensions of a folded flag the part of the box designed to hold the flag was too small. They...
  7. Woodworking, Shadow Box (Prototype)

    Got a commission to do a couple of shadow boxes for a military retirement. Since I've never made one before I did a Google sketch-up then built a prototype to get the manufacturing process figured out. It ain't too pretty, or finished beyond sanding and staining, but I'm working on the...
  8. Coin Holders

    Not much of a story, just some scrap wood projects. Thanks for looking.
  9. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    After years of dabbling with selling at Craft Bazaars I have finally found some success. My set up has continually gotten better and now seems to be neat and professional looking. This last weekend we displayed at the Fort Knox, Ky Christmas Bazaar. When you walked into the room we were in, this...
  10. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    what are your tips/tricks/strategies re: displaying projects - project stands, display booths, etc? (also add links to helpful blogs etc that are related to the topic) Gateway to all Tips & Tricks Topics
  11. Blogs
    I'm doing it again As the year comes to a close I realized a lot of stuff has changed in my shop and the work I have been doing in the past 3 years since I posted my ""52 Weeks Blog"": in 2011. I also realized how much I enjoyed doing that blog and...
  12. Blogs
    White oak from WWII I hope this blog is read and shown to as many Army veterans as you can who were stationed at Fort Knox during the 1940,s through the time the wooden barracks were in use. What a memorable time this was. As a kid in the late 50's I sold newspapers to the GI's in these very...
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    How do you display your projects and/or what unique displays have you seen? (Note: first comments were posted following a "Coming Soon" announcement)
1-13 of 13 Results