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  1. USMC EOD Shadowbox

    This was a project almost 10 years in the making. I made one of these style of boxes for myself when I retired. But I ended up re-doing it and giving it to a friend. So I finally got around to making one for myself. I refined the design to clean up the lines and had the laser engraving done...
  2. Gallery Pedestal

    There are a group of us that show some of our work at a gallery and we have pedestals that we built and use. I was asked by a friend if I could build him one for a bronze statue with a marble base. Most of these are built as a simple 2×2 frame, screwed together. Then hardboard(masonite) is used...
  3. necklace presentation display

    Simple necklace presentation display, made of oak. Only used handtools. (connections made with 4mm dowels)
  4. Hat Display Shelf

    This was my first real attempt at making something somewhat nice out of wood. I am obsessed with hats from a company called Gongshow. They make hockey lifestyle apparel. I have so many hats that the closet was getting out of control and I wanted to put my favorite ones on display. The bulk...
  5. Display Box

    These are pictures of a display box made for a friend. They sell nick knacks and jewelry of the medieval period, and the box had to represent the period also. It was built so when closed the necklaces and hanging jewelry will stay on the dowel side and the plywood divider keeps the other stuff...
  6. Trophy Case

    This is a thirty-five foot Oak trophy case built for a local high school. Obviously way too big for my home shop so I built it at the school district shop.
  7. Ivita Wellness Dispensary

    I created this for the Ivita Wellness Dispensary in Denver, CO on 17th and Pearl St. This is a showcase display case for the medicinals and edibles Medium - maple wood, poplar spray painted green, glass, burning tool created - April 20th 2012 Sold commissioned piece
  8. Wall Mounted Teabowl Display

    My first attempt at dovetails. I made this out of quartersawn oak with handcut dovetails. The finish is Old Masters dark walnut stain, and Old Masters oil-based brushing lacquer colored with a little 'amber-honey' Transtint dye.
  9. Double Head Floor Mount Taxidermy Pedestal Display Stand

    We wanted to share with you another taxidermy pedestal that we have made. This one is made for 2 mounts. Juniper Shoulder Mount Taxidermy Pedestal The pedestal is made from juniper and blue pine *Specifics on this item Measurements: Pedestal arms are 53" and 54" tall. Top bases measure 8" x...
  10. Reclaimed Old Growth 2x4 & Copper Pipe Waterfall Table

    My take on the classic waterfall table is made from reclaimed, old growth 2×4s (from Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago) and from commercial grade copper pipe. The 2×4s used in the table are probably more than 100 years old (as are a few of the nails that are still embedded). This piece functions as...
  11. Double Live-Edge Cherry & Copper Pipe Display Table

    Unique display table is made from a big hunk of double live-edge cherry (from a friend's property in Tennessee) and from industrial-grade, three-quarter-inch copper pipe. Table includes two copper pipe shelves. The beautiful and distinctive table top has been finished with clear stain and with...
  12. Figured Cherry Gun Display Case

    Had some nice figured cherry I've been sitting on for awhile just waiting for the perfect project. My wife has had this beautiful engraved 1851 Navy hidden away in a case. Better to put it on display, I think. I made this for her for Christmas. The "glass" is lexan. I have real glass and cut it...
  13. Final Fantasy Sword Display

    This is a sword display comissioned by a friend at work. He and his wife met through online gaming and so this has some significance to them. It was a treat to make! The wood is oak. The finish is 50/50 poly/mineral spirits. The edges are beveled. The swords are sharp. The second picture shows...
  14. Dominoes Table - Retirement Gift

    MSgt: Can you make a ten sided dominoes table with with a center display with LED lights and Iwo Jima sand? Me: Of course i can. Day one: What did i get myself into?! This was a gift for a Master Gunnery Sergeant retiring after 30 years and we wanted to ensure he received something unique and...
  15. Country-chic display rack

    4 chicken wire shelves Chalk board sign "Weathered" flat green paint 16" x 16" x 52" HINT: I learned the secret to cutting chicken wire. DON'T USE WIRE CUTTERS! What you need instead is to use a cutting torch, but don't hit the air. Simply allow it to cut and the slag to bead up, thus...
  16. Urgent woodworking request

    My neighbor Paul had an urgent request for my woodworking assistance!!! He received a special poster for his favorite team. It had to get posted in the front yard…. we can all rest in comfort now we have resolved this pressing issue.
  17. Millennium Falcon Table

    This is a table made for a friend whose daughter is a big fan of the Star Wars movies. She has a large, collectible model of the Millennium Falcon and will use this table to display it. The sides are adjustable bookshelves and the center has a pull-out magazine rack. Material is red oak...
  18. Going away stand

    This is a prototype I put together today. I am making a few of these for a couple people that are getting ready to retire after 20+ years in the Air Force. This is just a momento from a small group of people. The hump you see is supposed to resemble a munitions storage igloo.
  19. Display Case for a knife maker

    A family member gave me a piece of pecky cypress a few years ago, and I was never sure what to do with the single small board I received. Then I figured I would give the board back to the person who gave it to me. Just in the form of a display case. This family member makes and sells knives but...
  20. flag display case

    I made this for a friend whose husband served in Vietnam and has since passed away. She is giving it to her son who is his namesake. It is made from bubinga and finished with an oil rub. She picked the wood for it's color after I gave her some samples.
21-40 of 500 Results