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  1. Ornamental Christmas house display unit

    My sister asked me to design and build some steps so she could display her 13 Christmas house decorations. I decided to use standard 3/4" thick pine for both the steps, and the 2 stringers. You normally make stringers from 1.5" thick stock, but there is no need for this kind of...
  2. candle stand

    this is a stand i made to display some candles on, i was given a very special gift from sheila Landry, and i wanted it put in a special place, so it will go here on top and i will display it along with some new candle boxes i made, but i will post them separate from this, ok, this project is...
  3. Blogs
    The Dresser Design to Conception Are you interested in doing inlay, veneer, designing and building a project on your own? Here's an example of a job I designed and built for a client last year. I already had a blog ( before discovering LJ. My guess is that most...
1-3 of 3 Results