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  1. Drill Press Sharpening Jigs and Techniques

    Here's a jig I made to sharpen chisels and gouges at the drill press using readily available material. More photos and all details on this page of my blog. Best, Serge
  2. A simple Sandpaper installation device for Random Orbital Sander

    This is so simple I know that it has to have been done before. It's kind of a pain lining up the holes on a Random Orbital Sander. I just took a 6" square piece of wood, drilled 4, 3/8" holes lined up using a disk and glued in some dowels. The dowels have been rounded at the top. They stick up...
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    The wife is wanting me to build her a pergola. I dont think i will have a problem building it but i cant figure out how exactly part of it is constructed. Maybe this is because i have not seen any plans for building one, i was planning on designing my own. Included is a picture of a pergola for...
  4. Blogs
    Cutting perfect cork circles with a Dremel Maybe this tip is so obvious it's not worth posting, but I'll risk it anyway just in case it's not. I recently needed to cut a number of disks from 1/4" cork sheets, and I wasn't sure how to best do it. I searched the web and saw recommendations for...
1-4 of 4 Results