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  1. Christmas Card Holder

    This is a project I made several years ago and gave out to my family for Christmas gits. It is a 2×4 from the box store with a few cuts on the band saw to shape it. Now for the slots I used a radial arm saw with the blade tilted to the extreme. If I remember correctly, I think I even used a...
  2. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    When ordering a couple hinges (2) today from Rockler, the shipping was an additional $8.95, so I did a quick internet search and found free a shipping code here: i entered the code and "free shipping". So this has me wondering if any LJ's have found other...
  3. Marketplace Classifieds
    A hot deal is a significant discount (including shipping) on DIY or workshop related tools, machines, clothing, books, lumber, or general interest items. Use your discretion. If you think we would be interested, post it. Please include a link, if online, a description, and the price. The...
1-3 of 3 Results