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  1. Walnut Dining table base

    The first one of these i made was extremely difficult. There were other variations of this general concept but none of them had any description on the weight limits of the table tops and were pretty basic in design. The first one was made from Cherry, and was made out of 5/4. it was for a 5...
  2. One of a kind White Oak Mid Century Modern Dining table

    Mid Century Modern 10 foot X 48"W Dining table, legs joined to corners of table with blind mortise. 285 pounds. This took a very long time, from Jointing the 120" long pieces, an inch and 5/8 thick, to attaching the legs. 2/3 of the table top was made first. The last pieces that were to be the...
  3. Coffee Shop Dining Tables - A Refinishing Project

    The first 3 photos show the refinishing completed. The last 3 photos show the tables in their faded and worn condition. This is a refinishing project for a local coffee shop. The tables are a little over 5 years old and they sit in a coffee shop with floor to ceiling windows around the dining...
  4. four tables

    we finished up four tables this week … two coffee and two dining … the two dining tables are headed to North Carolina next week i hope, and the two cherry and steel tables went around the corner in my home town and we delivered them last friday. the recycled chestnut table was a new design...
  5. another custom dining room

    we delivered another custom dining room last week to clients in massachusetts. this table is a new variation on our empire era influenced pedestal based dining and console tables. people love the form and we find it fun to play around with proportions and different materials. the original...
  6. Woodworking Skill Share
    Lumber Jock "fussy" that is. Met Steve and his grandson today in Berea, KY. Real nice guy, but should use the name FUZZY with all that white hair, beard and mustache! I thought it was a polar bear driving that truck. ;-) He gave me some welding rods to try out on CI and mild steel.
1-6 of 6 Results