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  1. An experiment or 2 - burning wood and metal/wood legs

    I wanted to try something different with metal and wood and after I made the legs I needed to make a table top - this is the result. The legs have 1/4" bar stock through the wood and bent at the top and bottom for support and attachment to the top. The wood on the the leg is a reclaimed 2×4 from...
  2. two tables

    I really wanted to make a table with a top that looks like a quilt…this project provided the perfect opportunity, the top is solid wood with biscuits holding the pieces together and then an edge banding around the outside
  3. New pics of same clock for Don

    Don asked me to repost the pics of the clock I just made.
  4. Honey Dippers

    Just a couple of honey dippers that I made for my wife. She liked the padauk one too much to use it, so I made one out of maple. The soft red maple really had a hard time with the skew, and I had to redo the head of the dipper because of gouges. Thanks for looking!
  5. Shave Horse "The Clydesdale"

    I wanted a shave horse that could handle a wide range of stock 1" to about 8" and without all the adjusting involved with the common shave horse. While looking at a old pair of Craftsman auto adjusting pliers I decided to use some of the pliers design in making a shave horse.This is my first...
  6. Contemporary Walnut Entertainment Center

    I built this for a friend who needed to cover a big 4" hole in the wall where a bunch of wires for surround sound, television, etc. were coming out of the brick. He wanted to create something simple and that complimented the house. It's a really neat contemporary home in Paradise Valley designed...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am in need of a sawmill, not to big but would like to be able to cut larger trees if necessary. I'm leaning towards norwood's Lumber Mate Pro MX34. Anyone have any suggestions or preferences for sawmills...
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi, We're renovating our place which features a sunken living room. Problem is…the ceiling is also lowered, and there's an opening on wall, and a concrete construction beam (outlined in red ) that runs over it. We want to put crown moldings into the living room that are about 5" tall, but don't...
1-9 of 9 Results