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  1. Geek Paraphernalia

    Some more Christmas gifts that have already been given, so I can now post. Some of you may be able to tell what these are from the title and the 2nd picture. For those of you that are not sure.. they are dice rolling trays for Dungeons & Dragons. I play with a small group of friends that have...
  2. Tabletop gaming Dice Holder and Tray

    Fun little project to store and travel with dice as opposed to the traditional felt bag that a lot of gamers use. It turned out big enough so that the lid is a decent rolling tray. Walnut, Cherry, and Leather. Lots of CNC work here to make the designs and the hexes (quickly ducks away to avoid...
  3. Dice Tray

    My stepson was showing me some of these dice trays that he says is a big hit with the gaming crowd. He urged me to try it, so I gave it a shot and used it as a Christmas gift for him. It's made of oak, and I used black flock fibers on the inside. The size is 10" long by 8" wide and 3" deep.
  4. Finishing
    My friends and I often play tabletop games that require rolling multiple hard plastic dice (think DnD or 40k). I thought it might be fun to make a tray to roll the dice into so they don't fly everywhere. Or maybe a dice tower. I haven't thought out an actual design yet, but it will probably be...
  5. Blogs
    Square tray and rectangular tray Working on a a couple quality dice trays for those hardcore gamers out there. They still need a few more coats of Danish oil and a felt or fabric to line the interior base. Comments and suggestions welcome. Both have dice storage areas and personal dice...
1-5 of 5 Results