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  1. Reel nice toilet paper holder

    I finally got around to building one of these, as a gift for a friend…an avid fisherman. My thanks go out to Deeman, the original poster…and to Thelt, who sent me a copy of the plan. I made this out of pine and walnut. The handle actually spins with the help of a concealed bearing. It spins...
  2. Blogs
    Introduction When we moved to Santa Fe last year, I had planned to build new bookcases for the house. In my old house in Minneapolis, I had built-in bookcases, and the house here in the Southwest needs a different look. So I looked around a little, and decided to build the Jefferson...
  3. Hand Tools
    Hi all, I just recently built my first hand plane and am very pleased with how it came out: However, a good looking plane is useless if it doesn't produce nice shavings. This is the kind of stuff I'm getting: These shavings are coming from pine, but I experienced the same type of shavings...
1-3 of 3 Results