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  1. Louvered Shutters for the Entrance Door (Festool DF500 + Cradle Approach)

    The money you save from doing your own shutters with scrap lumber could be enough to pay for the cost of a DF500!
  2. Nakashima-inspired angled splay-leg dining table

    Walnut Size: 870mm (W) x 1530mm (L) x 730mm (H) (shop-made dominoes)
  3. Ladder Shelves (5 Steps) -- DF500

    Materials from Lowe's for 2 ladder shelves, one for my guest room, and one for a good neighbor. Shop time spent: About 8 hours over two days. Finish all the narrow mortises Then the wide ones Angled mortises Chamfered edges Signed
  4. How to mill exposed tenons for drawers with a Domino Joiner

    A dovetail alignment jig is used to transfer tails to pins in hand-cut dovetails. The same jig can be used to make dominoed drawers. Here are the basic steps: 1 - Secure mating boards to jig (for 6mm dominoes, set depth to 28mm for 3/4" stock)-pretend no mortises in the image 2 - Plunge to...
  5. Handle a silicone flipper with the aid of a Domino Joiner (DF500)

    The following steps were followed: 1. Pick color-matching wood 2. Cut a mortise 10mm deep on a handle blank with a DF500 (4mm cutter, set at 20mm depth) 3. Drill and chisel the mortise to final depth (about 35mm ) 4. Bandsaw and sand handle to desired shape 5. Sign work 6...
  6. Hand Tools
    As of late, I have been collecting several old Stanleys, which are of course, made of cast iron. I am well aware that cast iron shatters when dropped, and I am a bit of a clumsy person. How do you protect your planes? Is there such thing as shock absorbing padding for the floors of the shop?
1-6 of 6 Results