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  1. Psuedo-scroll saw projects

    So I decided to try my hand at some scroll saw projects. The only problem is that I don't actually own a scroll saw. I mounted my jigsaw under a simple table, and worked with thin baltic birch pieces. I know it's not as precise as it could be, but I was pleased with the layered results. The...
  2. Pegboard Tool Stand

    At the theme park job I had over the summer I had to build a pegboard stand for some 'weapons' in one of the park's Halloween mazes. That weekend I told my kid about the stand and he mentioned, "Dad, I've never seen a rack like that, with all the tools in place on hooks." Duh! The light...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Apologies in advance- I KNOW there are at least 50 of these threads floating out there, but it just takes so darn long to wade through them and find what you're looking for…. My top 8: - New/used table saw max price $1800 or so - mostly to be used for ripping and some joinery. - small shop =...
1-3 of 3 Results