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  1. Quilted Maple Desk Clock

    All credit goes to the wood in this one! Just a simple design, to let this wood do all the talking. 4-1/2" across the base, about 3-1/2" tall. I sanded it to 600 grit, put two coats of Danish Oil on it, buffed it out by hand, and gave it a coat of Conservator's Beeswax. It just shimmers as...
  2. Wooden Desk Clocks

    These pieces of special wood sat in my shop for over a year before I decided what to do with them. They're on Etsy The clock faces are about 1-1/2" in diameter, and the tall one is some unknown type of pine, 10" tall, the other a Big Leaf Maple Burl about 6-1/2" x 7" wide. Comments always...
  3. Endgrain desk clocks (Oak & Purpleheart)

    Nothing particularly unique about these, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Outsides are oak, insides are purpleheart. Sanded to 220 and covered with 3 coats of wipe on poly.
  4. Scrollsaw Desk Clock

    This is another project I downloaded from "" which is one of my favorite sites for free project ideas. Steve Good has plenty of videos on YouTube if you are just getting started in scroll work. All my scroll projects use blades from...
  5. A time for hairy oak...

    Had a little hairy oak laying around.. it had been through a bush fire and was all burnt…almost all. Cut a small piece off the bottom and drilled holes in both bits and inserted some clocks… That is about it…came out quite well … first one with the brass bezel sold straight away at the market...
  6. Time Bomb Desk Clock - redux

    Once I seen the one that VillageWood posted a while back, I was inspired!! I made two - here are my renditions…
  7. Desk Clock

    Made with Rosewood and Cherry with a Maple base. Made as a Christmas white elephant gift last year.
  8. Re-purposed Desk Clock

    The weather has been nice here in Ohio so I thought I would try one more project before I closed up shop/garage for the winter. I had a desk clock that I received from work back in 2002 for a project I was involved with. It has been sitting around in the closet for many years and have always...
  9. State clock

    A desk clock I made for one of the fine senior non-commisioned officers as a going away gift. The clock was made of sapele mahongany and tiger maple. Both finished in two coats of min-wax. I also set our squadron coin in as a momento.
  10. Clocks

    I've designed many clocks past two years but just a few had chance to be in real. It took more than a year to finish these, so it's not so Holiday related. This time only square ones are survived (other shapes were discarded). I still think good clock must have good back shape, so I always...
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Saw a neat track rail adapter project on Youtube today and had to share it. It's got my brain churning with ideas.
  12. Blogs
    I'm making me some clocks... I think I have slightly over-reached for my first project, but here we go! First the gear in my garage shop that I have to work with: - Ridgid TS2410LS folding table saw with Freud 60T crosscut blade, Dimar Woodpecker thin kerf ripping blade and stabilizers -...
  13. Blogs
    Desk Clock and Thermometer This was a fun, quick project using the clock and thermometer inserts from Klockit. Please watch and comment I love to hear from you all!
  14. Hand Tools
    New to specialty planes so…. question… Will a shoulder plane work (for example) to tweak a tenon AND the shoulder? Will a Stanley 78 be a good first shoulder plane? I realize it appears to be primarily a rabbet plane, but would it be a good shoulder plane ? If not, can you point me in a better...
1-14 of 14 Results