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  1. Matching Nightstands

    Matching Nightstands
  2. The Pen is Mightier

    Finally received some new pen kits, the first is Desert Ironwood (Olneya Tesota) cur a blank from box of scrap, and may have found my new favorite! This is the most incredible wood, hard to capture but the copper and gold colors are holographic inside the surrounding espresso brown heart-wood...
  3. Custom razor handles of desert ironwood

    A customer asked for a custom handle for his single-blade razor. He has large hands and that standard grip was too small for his comfort. I turned two from desert ironwood. They are about 4 inches long. I embedded a nut into a recess in the end, secured with CA glue, to accept the threads...
  4. Desert Ironwood Majestic Jr

    I made this Rhodium plated Majestic Jr rollerball pen for my girlfriend. She really liked another pen I made with desert ironwood and chose it for her pen. This is my first attempt at this kit. I think it turned out really nice. I used a CA/BLO finish. Critiques on photography encouraged.
  5. Desert Ironwood Bangle with Crushed Turquoise inlay

    Just finished my first bangle. I got this idea from the Bangle Guy of course. He has an excellent tutorial of how to do this from start to finish. The wood is Desert Ironwood from Arizona. This stuff grows all over the place out there. The core is stainless steel and the inlay in crushed...
  6. James Swan Firmer Chisel Handle

    I bought two James Swan firmer Chisels off of Ebay a while ago with the intention of making a pair of skew chisels for cleaning out dovetails. I did a lot of searching on the internet for a ferrel to use on the handle but could only find the cheap brass tube with the end rounded over. That...
  7. Custom guitar bridge

    Here`s another one of my custom guitar bridges. This one is made from beautiful Desert Ironwood [ oneof my favorite woods ]. This bridge has a rod piezo pickup in it and a black buffalo horn saddle. All my custom bridges are made for use on cigar box guitars.
  8. Desert Ironwood Pipe

    So this pipe was a difficult one to say the least, especially when you have the cheap tools that I have. Desert Ironwood is one of my favorite woods; it has a beautiful golden hue when the light hits it just right and of course is one of the densest woods in the world, which makes well suited...
  9. Mud Cured Osage Turkey Trumpet

    This is the best piece of mud cured Osage orange I have every gotten. Great color that turned like a dream. I added a mouthpiece made from Desert Ironwood and a brass ferrule. I might keep this one since real mud cured Osage is becoming very rare.
  10. First Scandi-style knife

    This is my first foray into stick tang and/or Scandinavian style knives. I must say that I enjoy the process of making these much more than the regular full tang kind. This one is Desert ironwood with white fiber liners and red gum burl spacer. I tried to keep the handle shape simple since it...
  11. LumberJock Supplied wood for Pens

    I was spending some time making some pens. I started out showing a fellow Mason Dixon member how to make pens. He must have thought I was too expensive so he wanted to make his own. In reality his children wanted some for their friends so he thought he'd branch out in his wood making repertoire...
  12. Two New Turkey Trumpets

    I finished two new turkey trumpets today. The first is desert ironwood and the second is Osage orange both with Gabon ebony mouthpieces and brass ferrules. If you don't know what these are they are calls that evolved from Native American calls made from the wing bones of turkeys they killed.
  13. Desert Ironwood & African blackwood Duck Call

    I was making a duck call for someone out of these woods and when I was done I had a piece of blackwood left over that was drilled so I looked around and found a small piece of ironwood to go with it. I cut two more pieces of blackwood, one to extend the barrel and the other for the...
  14. Desert Ironwood bottle stoppers and base holder

    A couple who we are friends with invited me and my wife on a golf trip earlier this year to Arizona. We really appreciated this trip as it was our first as a couple without kids in years as we recently just became empty nesters and it got our juices going to start traveling more, especially...
  15. Desert Ironwood Pen

    First pen from my large stash. I was able to get 3 small blanks from the burl, was kind of small. I finished it using CA glue and wet sanding with micromesh.
  16. Desert Ironwood and African Blackwood Duck Call

    I got a chance to try two woods I have never gotten to turn mainly because of their price. Nothing cheap about either one of these. I turned this call for a guy in Arizona it is DIW I added some small pieces of ABW to then let dry a few days. You need sharp tools and light cuts for both of these...
  17. Desert Ironwood stopper

    Got home from work early today. A little daylight left - a little shop time before dinner - and a chance to get cracking on my next shipment off to Mountainside Gallery and Gifts, near Mount Snow in Vermont. My work was accepted in there a few weeks ago, perfect timing - pre-Christmas and...
  18. Desert Ironwood Pen

    This is my first experience with desert ironwood and I love it! It's pretty hard but once finished the grain is very iridescent. The kit used is a gold and gunmetal cigar pen. The pen was finished with CA.
  19. 1st Pen

    This is my first pen. It came out well despite a few challenging moments. The piece on the right was cut in half lengthwise for the blank for the pen. This will be a gift for a guy who really helped me get my business ramped up this year. Comments are welcome. Pen: Nouveau Sceptre Blank...
  20. The Green Beast

    Another unique string creation to come off my bench. A 3 string cigar box lap slide guitar. The 2 primary woods I used were Desert Ironwood and a dyed green Curly Maple neck. The fret board took the longest to do, carved vine with inlayed Malachite leaves and 3 dyed red carved ivory roses plus...
1-20 of 35 Results