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  1. Federal Card Table

    Based on Finewoodworking Federal Card Table, with a few variations. The top opens to a full round table by swinging the back legs out and opening the top. The table top is Black Walnut, the apron is a laminated English Walnut with strips of Holly and a binding of Holly and Walnut. The loop on...
  2. Veneering Courses

    Hi All, I haven't been posting much lately, as both the Ezee-Feed business and the construction business has been keeping me out of the shop. I was asked to teach a class on basic veneering course at a local Woodcraft Store, so I figured I would post a couple pictures of the projects. The...
  3. Blogs
    Making Demilune Tables As you may have guessed, I make many of these tables. The practice is needed, and the combinations of woods make it very interesting. These were all made from the plexiglass templates shown. By using these templates, I can make these tops very...
1-3 of 3 Results