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  1. Old Craftsman Flex Drive Model No. 113.241680 upgrade to Delta T2 Fence

    Many thanks to all of the Lumberjocks for all of your wisdom and help! Your advice finally got me motivated to do something about my piece of junk saw. (OK, maybe it is just operator error and the saw if halfway decent, but I am just getting started in woodworking….) I had an 80's Craftsman...
  2. Cross with Heart

    Made a cross for my mother in law. She lives a couple of hundred miles away and we don't get to see her enough. Whenever we talk we allways let her know she is in our hearts and our prayers. The inner wood is poplar, the trim is walnut, and the heart is mahogany. About 5 inches tall.
  3. Red Cedar Lidded Bowl

    This Red Cedar bowl is almost the last of a tree downed by the hurricanes of 2004. The bowl measures 6 inches high, including the finial, by 5 inches wide. It is finished with a clear satin lacquer. By a slow drying process I was able to preserve the pith of the tree. (the original center around...
  4. Spiral Candlestick Holder

    This was the challenge piece for my turning club this month. The turning portion is quick. Laying out the spirals and creating the drilling jig is interesting. The sanding… that seemed to go on FOREVER!! Of course, my wife would like 2 more to make a set. This is maple with cherry stain and...
  5. Saw extension table

    Like most of you, my shop consists of sharing my workspace with the wife's car. In other words, I get to work in the garage when the wife's car is not there. As a result, all of my work tools are on wheels so they can be put up at the end of each work session. This made it difficult to have...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I just bought a T2 30 for my Delta Contractors Saw Model 34-444. It had a 44 inch fence length and I would like to extend the rails on the new one so I can cut larger pieces. Has anyone done this? If so what method did you use and did it work well for you. Any problems? It has the steel...
  7. Blogs
    First major upgrade - Delta 36-T30 T3 Fence I've grown tired of the fence on my Craftsman 22114 saw. It never locks down right and it won't stay parallel to the miter slots. I finally decided to upgrade it. After reading many reviews, and other blogs and forums here, I decided on the Delta...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    As you can see I need a lot of advice. I just got my new Delta Fence installed and the tables set up the way I want them but I don't know the best way to place the following items. Most things can be moved but a few I would rather not due to the amount of work involved. Those are the Table Saw...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    When I put the lever up on my new T2 fence it just falls right back down and I have to hold it up to move the fence. Not nice. Is this acutally the way it is made or am I missing a part of some sort. If you have had the same problem how did you fix it? larry
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I finally got time to get into the shop and fix my fence handle problem. Not much to it but it may be of interest to some who do not like the handle the way it is from the mfg. Hope the pictures tell it all. The center nut swivels as it needs to because it is free on the all thread. larry
  11. Blogs
    NEW Biesemeyer Fence (guide tube and rails) $75 Delta Biesemeyer table saw fence (guide tube and rails only) - new without packaging - never used delta fence guide tube and rails. An individual can add their own fence to this setup such as very super cool tools askwoodman t-fence or a delta...
1-11 of 11 Results