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  1. Whitetail Antler Cartridge

    These are the chrome cartridge kits from with whitetail antler. The one on the right was drilled off-center so I could get a bit of the spongy center of the horn (filled with medium CA and antler dust) to show. My Father-in-law is a bug deer hunter, and one of these is for him...
  2. Yard art - reindeer made from logs

    This fella is about 2 feet tall. I understand that cutting trees in the winter means the bark may stay attached, so hopefully that will be the case. I drilled mostly 3/4 inch holes and carved tenons to fit all the pieces together. The carving was easy since it was done right after I felled...
  3. Mama's Deer

    Many years ago I slapped together some old scraps of firewood and produced a rustic lookin' deer. Well, eventually it succumbed to the elements and I tossed it out. What I didn't know though was how much the wife absolutely loved it. So I gathered some local 6-8" cedar posts and built her two...
  4. A "Moses" Wood Spirit Carved Walnut Folk-Art Walking Cane with Deer Antler & Turquoise Handle

    ------------------------------ This cane has been "SOLD" and resides in Clements, Kansas USA Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a list of canes that I have built that are ready to ship...
  5. Found Wood Spruce + Antler Cane

    This found wood cane uses spruce [no insects this time] with the outer bark removed down to the inner bark. I gentily warmed the bark to raise the sap in beads on the surface. Then with a rubber glove rubbed the sap onto the surface . I'd like to think this adds to the colour but I could just be...
  6. Another Log Deer (fawn)

    Well the doe that I made was looking for its little one, so I couldn't help myself. I had some sycamore scraps so I made a little fawn. I used a draw knife to shape the tenons. It took about an hour and half to finish it. It was fun making them, I think I will make some more. I like when people...
  7. Segmentation - Buck Deer

    Another one….more pieces.
  8. Deer Mount Plaques

    I have been working a lot on plaques for European and shoulder mounts this winter, and fortunately have been able to sell a few. Walnut tends to be the most popular.
  9. Custom Electric Bass Guitar Quilted Maple Figured Walnut Abalone Burl Cherry Mastodon Ivory Gold

    This is a custom four string electric bass guitar I built this past year. It is for sale, you can purchase by clicking here to go to my Etsy Store -------------------- -------------------- Project Story: more to come later….... Here is the first guitar I worked on with my neighbor...
  10. Standing White Tailed Deer

    This is a pattern by Kathy Wise. I used Butternut for the frame and antlers, Sycamore for the Deer body and Holly for the white portions. The base is Red Elm and the schrubs are Red Cedar and Poplar. I am back in the shop after bass and muskie fishing all summer.
  11. My latest pen

    Hybrid Cigar Style Double Twist Ballpoint Pen Black Titanium & Platinum Plating Deer Antler with Deer Decal and Glossy Acrylic Finish and Lava Bright Crush Camouflage Acrylic
  12. Fancy Walking Cane, Camphor Burl, Maple, Bubinga, Whitetail Deer Antler, Inlays & Silver End Caps

    ------------------------------------- This was a commissioned walking cane, so it has been sold and shipped to Emporia, Kansas, USA Cane Serial Number #2008-27 Height: 35.5 inches Welcome Web Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom...
  13. Scroll Saw Art

    Cut from 4/4 oak…because it was fun.
  14. Wood Pedestal Display Base for Taxidermy Mounts or Art & Sculptures

    This pedestal is made with twisted juniper, the bases are made from burled blue pine. It is inlayed with turquoise and has a hand rubbed oil finish.
  15. My first time using a bandsaw. yay

    This was my firs time ever using a band saw. I plan to take this pattern and make a bandsaw box like it.
  16. A Christmas Gaggle of Reindeer 2 x 4 Project

    I present to you a Gaggle of Reindeer oh wait that's a Herd of Reindeer. A person that my wife works with had one of these on their desk. She decided it was cute and ask if she could bring it home to show me so I could make some and the rest is history (although very recent history). I will...
  17. My first bandsaw project (and bandsaw, nothing special!)

    Made my FIRST bandsaw project tonight. I just bought this Sears/Craftsman 12" tilting head bandsaw off of CL this afternoon for $50. 6" material thickness. 23×27" table. The friendly older lady (Mari) said her late husband (Jim) was a woodworker but more of a furniture maker than anything and...
  18. Custom Hunting Skinning Knife Damascus Steel Atypical Deer Antler Elephant Ivory Scrimshaw Artwork

    This Custom Made Antler Handled Damascus Steel Knife was a bit of a challenge for me. The Atypical Antler set had a right handed, mostly normal looking deer antler, while the left side had a mostly straight tall "spike" antler. The customer on this shot the deer in Ohio in 2010, and found me...
  19. Shooting for Old Times

    Last year I got the urge to build a longbow. I have hunted for years, although it seems the more time I have the less I hunt. Having harvested (nice way of saying it) two trophy deer in the past, I mostly go out for the walks now. My brother in law has a knack with woodworking so we each...
  20. Deer Grunt call

    Made this deer grunt call for a co worker's husband. Made out of Mahogany Sold for $20.00. She told me that if he liked it I would be getting more orders, as he knows a lot of hunters.
1-20 of 111 Results