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  1. deer antler pens

    These are turned from mule deer antler and finished with 12 coats of CA. This is part of an order that I got that is going to Japan.
  2. Razors

    Here are some razors made this week - One set is out of antler, Minnesota white tail - they have really nice color! One set is Acrylic and one is out of Bubinga. The Bubinga has several coats of CA to protect from water.
  3. Pens, pens, and more pens.

    The first pen is a laminate made out of rit dyed tongue depressors. The next is spalted oak old barn wood. Then we have aged cypress. The next is deer antler. Then a piece of china berry from a tree that fell about 10 years ago. The last is a pic of all that I turned this weekend. Thanks
  4. Custom Exotic Steak Knife Set Stainless Steel Damascus Elk Antler Fossilized Walrus Ivory Walnut

    This six (6) piece Steak Knife Set was commissioned and has been sold. If you would like something similar, please email me at: [email protected] for more information. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Specs: Blades: Stainless Steel Damascus, 33...
  5. Duck Calls

    I know that these are not made of wood but I did turn them on my wood lathe.
  6. Walking Cane For Nicolette, a True Miracle Story, Fancy Woods & Scrimshaw of a "Praying Mantis"

    -------------------------- This walking cane was made for a special lady named Nicolette, and so it is not for sale. If you go to the bottom of this posting, you'll find a list of walking canes for sale, and other examples of my past work. Cane Serial Number: #2009-04 Height: 30.125 inches...
  7. Deer Shed Antler Handled Steak Knives; Scrimshaw, Ivory, Turquoise, & Stainless Steel Damascus

    This Knife Set has been "SOLD", but if you would like something simliar, please email me at: [email protected] for more information. Here are other Knife Sets I've built: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Project Story I am...
  8. bullet pens

    The tops are Mule Deer antler. They were bleached out and when turned they came out very white with almost no character, so I wiped them down with walnut stain, buffed and re-sanded them. The stain filled in the cracks and really improved the looks. The finish is 12 coats of CA polished to 12K grit.
  9. Bolt Action Pens....joining the bandwagon

    So I see all of you guys making pens for Christmas gifts and had to join the club. I've only found these bolt action kits at PSI and thought they would be neat to make. I used deer antler and texas mesquite for these two. I've made a few pens in the past and these are very addicting once you...
  10. Pens

    Some stocking stuffers. Cocoblo, maple with some spotty birds eye, one with a Celtic knot and deer antler. The middle cocobolo pen was turned end grain just for a different look. the deer antler pens are from antlers that were found by a hard wood ridge, or some people say what the forest gave...
  11. Why Can't I Think Outside the Box?

    OK… so I started with reclaimed logs from an old log cabin. After running them through a friend's super powered atomic planer, I tried my hand at box joints with a chain saw. Seriously though, I hate hinges. Oh I like them fine once they are on and working, but getting there is torturous for...
  12. Pens and stuff this weekend

    I did not do many pens and other stuff this weekend. I have started to get my stock of bowls back up and I roughed out a few bowls over the last few days. I have them drying now. The key chain is a red oak burl, then a sapele twist pen. The next 3 pictures are all deer antler. Hope you enjoy.

    Cigar pens; ebony, gun metal grey pen kit. Bullet pens; mule deer antler. Finish is 12 coats of CA polished to 12,000 grit.
  14. buck & duck pen

    Cigar pen made from a mule deer antler shed. The band around the middle is a tag used to track the migration of ducks known as a "Duck Band". This was commissioned by one of my co workers that is an avid deer and duck hunter. The pen kit is an Apprentice Cigar in gun metal grey from Craft...

    Coyote call made from Mule deer antler and bocote. Finish is spray lacquer and CA. For those not familiar with these they make a sound like a crying baby. Waa waa waah.

    Pens turned from mule deer antler. The antler came from a small 4 point that a friend killed this season. 1 and 3 are slimline, 2 is a cigar style. All pen kits are from Craft supplies USA. Sanded to 600 grit. Finish is 12 coats of CA polished out to 12,000 grit. I use the EWT mid size rougher...
  17. Mule Deer Antler / Yucatan Rosewood Coyote Call

    Mule Deer Antler / Yucatan Rosewood Coyote Call Cottontail distress. Finish is spray lacquer and CA. For those not familiar with these they make a sound like a crying baby. Waa waa waah.

    Bullet key chains. #1 made from a kit from Woodturners supply, Mule deer antler, CA finish. #2 made from a spent 12 gauge shell, ambrosia maple, spray lacquer finish.

    Bullet pens made from Caribou antler. Finished with 12 coats of CA.
  20. Walnut Mountain Hutch

    Walnut Mountain Hutch-Heres some pictures of a custom hutch just completed for a customer. They wanted something like a "fine rustic" look. Cabinet is Walnut with juniper twigs and deer antler handles. This piece went to a gorgeous home outside Jackson WY and fit in just great. See the Longhorn...
1-20 of 34 Results