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  1. My first posting - Spoons made from my Fathers Day gift

    This is my first posting to LJ. I've been a lurker for about a year or so. I love looking at all of the projects that are posted. I'm envious of you! Alas…... I do not have the DNA that enables me to actually comprehend "woodworking", so I relegated to carving decoys and spoons. The first pics...
  2. Mockingbird Decoy

    This summer, I became obsessed with capturing photographs of a spectacular predatory bird spotted flying around my neighborhood. Using a Trail Camera and various decoy 'baits' I've attempted to bring one of a nesting pair of Swallowtail Kites close enough to capture good photographs of one or...
  3. Match stick decoy

    Teal decoy carved from block of approx. 12,000 burnt match sticks. Black onyx for the eyes.
  4. Decoy Duck

    VIDEO My first, and as yet, only decoy duck carving. She is a female mallard and is carved in European Lime. There are more pictures on my website and there are more images on Flickr Its not up to...

    He is carved from pine wood in two pieces, the head being seperate, then attached. The head and neck is very meticulously painted life-like. Measures 15" long x 6" wide x 7" high. Very gratifying after many hours of work. THANKS FOR VIEWING MY GGALLERY!
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I am doing a repair job on some Danish style Teak chairs. One of chair legs was broken, and very poorly repaired. I managed to dissolve the Titebond III that was used to glue the break, and I have it reassembled and glued up, but I am having a problem with the finish. I have never worked with...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have an issue with `reciprocating` or sometimes called `Equalizing` table slides. I have designed a table with a central butterfly leave which folds out and two leaves that move when pulled to reveal the gap for the butterfly see pics (if they work)...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey fellow LJs I need help choosing a 12" compound sliding miter saw. I have norrowed the options down to 3. The dewalt, bosch and makita. any help would be realy appreciated! Thanks Callum
1-8 of 8 Results