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  1. Decoration paintings (Cats)

    As a beginner scroll saw I decided to use a standard Steve Good. Are cut in natural maple! Hope you enjoy! It's always a great pleasure to share with you my friends! Congratulations to all!
  2. Wall Decoration (Lemons into lemonade)

    One of those projects where nothing seemed to go right. The end result was good, and I still had all of my fingers, so I guess it was a win. Otherwise I haven't had so many problems on a (relatively simple) project before. But as I like to say, the only simple operation is the one you aren't...
  3. Wine Stoppers and Holding Block

    Smaller project I made for my mother. Turned two wine stoppers. One is made from Zebra wood and the other from some Rainbow Poplar. Both are finished with a friction polish. I made the block out of some Pau Rosa wood and made an inlay border around the bottom with Wenge. The block was finished...
  4. Bird scene

    A nice Sheila Landry pattern. 21" x 12" with 3 layers of 1/8" Baltic birch and a 1/2" red oak frame. Sun was cut from yellow heart. Scrollsaw Chris likes to make saw dust…thanks for looking!
  5. Wood Cookie Slicer

    Our R-tist wood buddy wanted more wood cookies to paint scenes on. We built a sled for the Bandsaw to safely cut branches into thin cross sections. This included a quick clamp and V groove cut into the sled base with a miter bar attached on the underside of the sled. The miter bar slides in...
  6. Nativity Set

    This is made from basswood,there 14 pieces tallest piece is app 6 1/2 inches tall.
  7. cedar sign

    I made this sign with some cedar fence boards and used vinyl letting for it. I burnt the wood and clear coated it. Pretty simple but I like it.
  8. Frosty The SnowMen !

    I had a few minutes on Christmas Eve, and decided to whip up some snowmen for the table center piece.
  9. Halloween Decorations

    These are some Candy corn decos my wife wanted. They are made from 3/4" plywood and hand painted. They are 18" tall by 12" wide.
  10. Baseball and bat holder

    Made this for a friend. He handed me a picture and said, "Please make this for me." No problem, only took me a year to finish…due entirely to my procrastination, obviously not because of the complexity. Made from wood found in my scrap bin. I think they were old cedar floor boards from my attic.
  11. Picture frames

    I built three identical frames for my brother to display some wildlife pictures he found. I used half lap joints for the corners and set in some 12 gauge shotgun shells to make it more interesting. I found for me the easiest way to add the place for the glass to go is to build the frame and...
  12. Santa's Sleigh

    Every Christmas season my wife would tell me of her childhood wish to have a real Santa's sleigh out on her lawn. This year, I cleared space in my shop and opened the LJ project list under 'Christmas' - hoping to find a sleigh I could copy. The best one I found was a true work of art by 'Brit'...
  13. Air Assault!

    Today I got out the new hand held router and went to town making this 10.5 in. Air Assault badge for my office here at Fort Hood. It was the first project I have tried routing that wasn't just regular old letters and numbers. If you have never tried something like this with the router then I...
  14. "SNOW" Time Like the Present!!

    I am finally getting the snow I longed for the past several weeks. Here we are with several inches of fallen snow, and more lightly falling as I write this! So what better way to celebrate this event than by posting my cheery "SNOW" word art vignette that I designed and created way back in...
  15. Flight School

    This is a fully poseable reindeer. He seems to have lacked the ability to pull up before hitting the birch tree. Not too bad since it was his first flight. We all have to start somewhere. Santa's , girl and reindeer are all poseable so the new owner can set them up in any scene she desires.
  16. American flag for Dad

    So I have made a couple of these before, mainly for gifts (as is this one), but this project was a little more specific because it was for my dad. Last time I was over their house i realized that he had a bare wall in his home office, so I figured this would be a great fit for him. His 69th...
  17. Simple nativity set

    Made from scrap wood, salvage plywood and a piece of sale-priced cloth. Cut as a stack and then hand painted. I modified a "free-clip art " pattern and proceeded from there. I will be making some more for craft sale items.
  18. Decorative Screen

    A decorative screen I built a while back. It's a fairly simple frame and panel setup with two 1/4" plywood panels in each of the three sections. The legs are extensions of the sides. My wife, Laura, decorated the panels with fabric and some black cord edging. The final result is really nice...
  19. Fun Robots from Scraps

    I saw a picture of a similar robot on Pinterest and had some old reclaimed 4×4 sections laying around. These guys only took a couple hours from start to finish and they made great gifts. I kept a big and small one for myself and always get comments about it from visitors. See a brief write...
1-20 of 99 Results