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  1. Bridge work (Non-dental)

    After moving my in-laws on to my lot next door, I constructed a little bridge for them to cross the ditch to get to my house to drink coffee every afternoon. All treated lumber, deck and hand rails are from 1"X6" pine, base is of 2"X6" pine, all posts and bracing are 4"X4". Balusters are 2"X2"...
  2. Deck inlay

    When building my deck I wanted just a little something to set my deck apart from the rest…
  3. New Privacy Fence from Old Deck

    I used old some discarded cedar deck boards donated by one neighbor to replace the privacy fence with another. Now to make the planter boxes that will hang on French cleats on both sides. Update 6/2/2016: got the planter boxes built and planted.
  4. Blogs
    Convert random scraps into end grain boards (cut first - design later) OK. This blog stuff is new to me. I've got a couple projects going where I am forcing myself to leave the large stock alone and work with material that ends up getting burned after I have too much of it. I have been using...
1-5 of 5 Results