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  1. End Grain Cutting Board

    This is the first of many future cutting boards. It is end grain Maple and Padauk. It's saturated with mineral oil and then coated with 3 coats of Beeswax/Mineral oil Combo. It's 10" x 12" x 1 1/2". It was a fun project.
  2. Blogs
    Debarking maple with a drawknife One of our maples went down in the storm last night and I salvaged a few pieces. A couple years ago I took down a good size limb from this tree and it was nicely spalted. You can see some of it in my projects. Candle holder
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Not sure if this is he appropriate place to post but need some help getting info on a log debarker. We had a fire that killed lots of pine and some cedar and need to debark before milling. I use a Timber King band mill and would like to keep the black away from the mill. Any info about...
1-3 of 3 Results