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  1. Charles Limbert Dining Table Restored

    I had the chance and the honor to work on an authentic Charles Limbert dining table over the past few weeks. The table was 48 inches in diameter and had only one of its leaves remaining. At first, I was asked just to refinish the top and caulk paint the base. I wasn't commissioned to do any type...
  2. Herringbone Table Set

    I made this 3 piece living room table set based originally on the coffee table plans here: Made from southern pine. Table tops are finished with minwax dark walnut stain and 3 coats of satin poly. Fun project, and...
  3. Pine Kitchen Island ( Customer Providing Top)

    Small Pine Kitchen Island- Cabot Poly Stain-Dark Walnut
  4. Bullock Murphy Bed | Custom

    This is a Bullock murphy wall bed that was completed in September 2009. This bed is our most popular style Murphy wall bed. It features a solid maple raised panel front section. This is designed to resemble eight doors on a cabinet. The finish is a Dark Walnut stain from Minwax. It has a...
  5. Shop Cart

    I seem to have misplaced the before photo. Curly maple on the frame with dark walnut top. We actually use this in the shop along with 4 others that are mostly original. 1 has a wooden wheel :)
  6. Bracelet of dark walnut

    Bracelet of dark walnut.
  7. Rustic Tea Light Holders

    While waiting for picture frames to glue up, I whipped up a "Rustic Tea Light Holder". It's based on a few that have been floating around FaceBook from another woodworker. It's made from a ripped 2×6, stained with red oak. The legs were cut on the bandsaw from a 1×3 and stained in dark walnut...
  8. Two Of The Same But Different, Valet Boxes.

    Pictured are two which I refer to as Hybrids these are my own design in which I've combined bandsaw box with Mitered splined joinery, the inner part of the box is a bandsaw box and the outter is mitered, these are open top men's valet boxes with drawers, both have two hidden compartments, false...
  9. Reclaimed Pine All-Weather Morris Chair Recliner

    This is my Morris Chair. It is made from pine that I got for free from a friend of a friend's old bookshelf. When I got the wood some of it was badly warped, there were a few screw holes in a bunch of places that I had to plug, and it was discolored from years of use so I pre-sanded everything...
  10. Live edge, dark walnut shelf

    Built for a client that was very specific. Dark walnut with bark intact, which to acquire I had to order from a mill in Oregon in the form of two smaller slabs and break down to the proper size. Not really much to it as it is a decorative piece and not a daily utility shelf. The bark proved...
  11. Morale Improvement

    First bar that I've made. Top is oak plywood, and the trim is poplar. The shelf is made out of 2×4s with poplar used for the lettering. Stained with minwax gunstock and dark walnut. Finished with General Finish 450 Satin. Thanks for viewing!
  12. Large shadow box

    Large shadow box I built for a retiring SgtMaj. I made it out of pine and trimmed it with Dark Walnut wood. It stood almost 4 1/2 feet tall.
  13. shadowbox

    Smaller shadow box. The box is made from Cherry wood and trimmed with Dark Walnut.
  14. Hope Chest

    First I must say thanks to fellow Lumberjock, "Cracknpop", he posted a build of this hope chest and gave me the design idea to follow. So I can't take credit for the design, just the build. I built the framework out of dark walnut and the panels out of soft maple. My first use of the Festool...
  15. Craftsman Style Fireplace Mantel

    First time using mahogany, first time building a fireplace mantel surround, and first time making ebony plugs. Overall, one of my favorite projects and I learned a few new techniques. Inspiration came from pinterest: that took me to...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi Guys i am now the proud owner of proberbly the two best books woodworking has to offer 1) THE TOOLBOX BOOK by Jim Tolpin 2) THE WORKBENCH by Lon Schleining i can not put this books down and are of great insperation to me and what i want to achieve in my woodworking journey and a must for...
  17. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    May 4: International Star Wars Day! May The Force Be With You. Always! Now dance with it!
  18. Blogs
    Introduction Hi all, I've been working on this Morris chair for the past 3 weeks and keeping pictures and my "blog entries" on imgur but I just realized that LumberJocks is a great place to keep the journey. I will be moving over a few entries at a time whenever I find the time. This is my...
1-18 of 18 Results