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  1. Son's First Project

    My son wanted to make something for his Mom. Realizing Mom likes to paint with both acrylic and oils, she wanted a pallet for her painting. Most of her painting is done at the table sitting, hence no need for a big painting pallet like Bob Ross. The pallet itself is just plexiglass. He did...
  2. 2-person marble game

    My grandkids really like marble games, so I found a pattern of a neat one at Meisel's web site. Two kids each get 10 marbles, then you see who can get all 10 in their box first…........if you release too many at once, they get jammed up and slow down, to timing is important. I used by table...
  3. Another Version of Cordless Charging Station

    I wanted to build a charging station that would hug the wall as much as possible so that it didn't interfere with my benchtop. I ended up making a shelf designed to hold the cordless tools sideways. It is only 5" deep. It can also hold a few of my most commonly used items.
  4. Resiliency of Army Engineers in Baghdad, Iraq 2009-10

    These photos were taken in 2009 in Baghdad, Iraq while I was attached to the 321st engineering detachment out of Knoxville, TN. Most of these were done with nothing more than a router, skil saw, and a lot of improvising. Everything from making our own stains to designing our own lathe helped...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm in dire need of a new stacked dado set. I've read good reviews about both but the SD508, "Super Dado Set", runs about 2x that of of the SD208, "Professional Dado Set", on Amazon. Is the SD508 really worth the extra money? SD508 SD208 Thanks,
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    I bought it and used it a couple times and my one horse power saw is underpowered for the set. It made really smooth cuts when I did use it. $150 plus shipping
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello! I'm looking for recommendations for a tricky dado situation. I need: 10" diameter set 2" wide set 5/8" or 1" bore will work for me (I will be reboring them to +1") Ideally I would buy this set from a manufacture who can sell me extra chippers to get the set up to 2". I've found a...
  8. Blogs
    Looking for all around dado set recommendations Getting to that point where a dado set would be nice for box joints and dados. Like to buy a quality set for something that will be good all around adjustable purposes for my hobbit workshop. Thanks for any input/insight you can provide.
  9. Blogs
    Sawstop Brand Dado Blade Review BTS-DS8-2402 Here's my video review of the new Sawstop brand dado blade with full test… It's a Sawstop brand Dado blade BTS DS8 2402 that I tested on a Sawstop 3hp PCS, and a Laguna Fusion F2 tablesaw. I've owned and tested dozens of dado sets, so I can share...
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories For anybody needing one…
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    I just picked up a used Ridgid r4511 and want to use a dado set. Is a 6" set easier on the saw then an 8". Or does it not really matter. The price is very different. Thank you
1-11 of 11 Results