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  1. Memorial Flag Case for my Dad

    My dad liked Walnut and loved how I incorporated sapwood in my projects. He sadly died of covid pneumonia a few weeks ago. It's been devastating but keeping busy in the shop has helped. RIP Dad. I miss you tons!
  2. Just a Plane Box for the Shop

    This is my first real hand tool project. I did use a table saw to rough size the stock and to cut the hinge groove but other than that not much noise was made. I rather liked the experience. When I decided to try hand tools I built some wooden planes and they became the purpose for this "box...
  3. Shabby Chic Market Stall Additions

    Local Farmers market fast approaching and decided to ramp up the display. All tables and easels made using local hardwoods with a calico wash. Should be one of the best looking stalls around! Front racks added to accommodate 6/7 12" boards. All comments welcome...
  4. Blogs
    A Simple Headboard As a child (actually until I left home) I slept in a double bed with a beautiful headboard that I knew my dad had made. It was made of Cherry, turned styles, a beautiful piece of furniture. Dad enjoyed working in wood, although to my knowledge he only made two pieces of...
  5. Blogs
    Request for plans information on a 1933 Ford Fordor Sedan G'Day Ladies & Gents, I'd like to honour my parents with a toy come model of a 1933 Ford Fordor Sedan. It there first car in 1950 when they were married, BUT I need some help with plans information please… Thank you in advanced, Cheers...
  6. Blogs
    New Nail Gun from DeWalt - Great for Father's Day! Hey there LJ's! I haven't been very active here in a while, life seems to have gotten in the way of my shop time for several months now. However, I haven't forgotten about this wonderful community and when I saw this great new product from...
  7. Blogs
    TIW Short Update No. 20 - My Dad's Woodworking Book Passing down woodworking knowledge.
  8. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I'm challenging all of you to come up with a "Dad Stamp." I don't have a requirement on what the stamp should be, just something that lets people know that, "I'm a dad, and I'm proud of it." "Where did this inspiration come from," you may ask. This morning I showed up to work wearing the...
1-9 of 9 Results