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  1. Small projects to get the juices flowing

    It's been a long and cold winter and it's time now to get out in the workshop. Besides doing renovations in the workshop I have done some small projects to get the skills up to snuff. Maple antique peppermill in front, spalted maple antique peppermill in back, maple and mahogany (with finial)...
  2. Argyle style cutting boards

    My first attempt at completing ARGYLE style cutting boards. The wood is beech/walnut in one and cherry, walnut and paduk in the other. Quite challenging to do, but fun to complete. Most people are pretty impressed with the look.
  3. The boards in the background of 'Mess with your Eyes'.

    I put these in the background to see if anyone saw them..congrats to eddy and dustbunny, btw Lisa.. this week I will have made eleven boards and a few LLs and the bathroom top. and I do have a job as well. Well they may look different to the ones you can see there. Both of these boards started...
  4. All Wrapped Up

    All four boards finished, oiled, branded, wrapped and posted.
  5. Yep, more cutting boards

    I put together a few more cutting boards for Christmas. The Paddle style boards are for my siblings, made from a 24"x24" cutting board my dad used to use to cut up homemade pastas. I've had to add cherry to the boards to make them large enough so that each sibling got a portion dad's board...
  6. More Cutting Boards........Holidays A'comin

    I know, more boards: but they are fun to design and construct. The users get to enjoy a unique cutting/serving board, a one of a kind. They are happy and we are happy. That is how it is supposed to be for all. I am utilizing a "feature strip" in most of the boards. This design is borrowed...
  7. End Grain Cutting Boards

    First cutting boards I've made. These were christmas gifts for my family last year. They were made of walnut, maple, and purple heart
  8. Scrap Wood Cutting Boards

    Having too much scrap wood can be a good thing, the result of my small hoarding wood problem is a few cutting boards for friends. The wood is a mix of domestic and exotic hardwoods with a several coats of Howards cutting Boards finish. There is small finger holds routed on the sides, I glued...
  9. Can't be bored making cutting boards!

    Here are my entries into the end grain Cutting Board club. I will certainly be making many more of these for next year's Christmas presents. A lot of fun to make! #1 Oak, cherry and walnut. Can't believe how easy this is to make vs. the "cool" factor. My wife flipped when she saw it. Try...
  10. A Few More CB's

    Do to the fact that my boards don't seem to stick around long I made these board to replace a few of them for the shows. I really like the first board because its Curly Walnut or at least it looks that way. I have never seen Walnut like this before. Anyhow there is Lace Wood/ Canary Wood o and...
  11. Cutting boards (2014)

    white oak, bubinga, padauk, zebra, red oak, maple, merbau coat with tung oil
  12. Cutting Boards

    Everyone must post a Cutting Board or two, or at least that's what I've been told. These are very simple and basic. I have made some other cutting boards, but just never got around to posting them. The largest one has been in use for a few years and has held up well. The smallest is an end...
  13. CB Pattern selling well for me so far

    These are boards I made today the first picture is of a pattern that is doing very well so far. The fourth picture is the cut off from the first two boards and the four is a board I started before our show on this past Sunday. Great show it was. Thanks Dennis
  14. more cutting boards

    I have made 3 more cutting boards and the orders just keep coming. I guess that's good. The first one is hickory and walnut, the second maple and walnut and the third one is cherry and walnut. I am amazed at how many people want one of these. All are finished with food safe mineral oil.
  15. Bread boards

    A couple of bread boards I just finished. Variation of a bandsaw pattern I had learned stacking 3 different woods. Only had two woods. Tried gluing them up in two patterns, taping them together, bandsawing them, mixing the pieces and gluing them. Outcome seemed blah, so taped the two sets...
  16. At last - cutting boards from Yorkshire!

    There are, as at January 9th 2012, 774 projects labelled with 'cutting board' on Lumberjocks. I thought I ought to see what the attraction is, so 2012 saw me in the 'shop knocking some out. For me, the joy of seeing the pattern come to life when I slapped on the mineral oil (Liquid Paraffin in...
  17. Buckeye Boards - Ohio Cutting Boards - Just in Time For Mother's Day

    My wife received a bamboo Ohio cutting board at Christmas, and the my grandma mentioned how much she liked it…seven times. Taking the hint, the wife wanted to buy her one, but I chose to do one better. Using ours as a pattern I made 3 for Mother's day - one for mom, grandma, and mother-in-law...
  18. Cutting Boards at Retail n More

    These are some of the boards for a new retailer I have established in Ohio. The collection includes end grain and long grain boards. One has some of each. Will wait to see how that works out in the long term because of the different expansion rates of the grains. The first board is patterned...
  19. 45mm End Grain Chopping Board / Butchers Block Exotic Hardwoods

    This board has been carefully hand-crafted using reclaimed and locally sourced Walnut, Ash, Beech and Sapele. It is made with waterproof, food safe glue and is a minimum of 45mm thick to provide strength and durability for everyday use. It is finished with a mixture of food grade mineral oil and...
1-20 of 321 Results