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  1. Projects A well earned thank-you

    A little over a week ago I met with a group of retired shipyard workers for a monthly breakfast. One of the group had shared in the past about his once held desire to work with wood. Life’s circumstances had prevented him from doing so unfortunately. Although he had told me that he had an...
  2. Projects End grain cutting board with twisted isometric inlays

    This is an end grain cutting board with a base of walnut, with multiple inlays of mahogany, cherry and maple (also with the end grain up). The inlays were applied in four gluing rounds. In real life the inlays seems to 'float' above the darker walnut base - perhaps it is visible in the image...
  3. End Grain Top, A true labor of love

    I have had the opportunity to build several, end grain, butcher block cutting boards when a close friend asked if i could make a counter top for a kitchen island. The process is the same, but it is considerably more work to build a larger top…especially in a small shop like mine. I was...
  4. Oval Cutting Board

    I had a customer commission this piece, it was an interesting project, thought for sure I was getting tool marks in the wood but realized that the maple had an interesting grain line that really popped when I put the mineral oil on. This is based off the John Boos corner saver, however, i...
  5. Ash End Grain Cutting Board

    This is an ash end grain cutting board I made for my mom's surprise 60th birthday party. It's large, roughly 16.5" square and about 1.5" tall. As usual, it took more time than expected but I'm very happy with the end product. She has a tendency to not want to use her nice kitchen stuff, so I...
  6. Cutting board of bog oak

    Friends are greetings to all, today I want to bring to your attention my new project. This is a kitchen cutting board that I made from bog oak and ash inserts, at the end I covered it with oil Festool
  7. Difficulties with a cutting board design

    Hello everyone, Have you ever started down a path and put so many steps in down that path that when you hear the path screaming at you that it is the WRONG PATH you just ignore the screams??? Witness the photos above. I wanted to try a "pin wheel" variation cutting board and knew right away the...
  8. Another cutting board

    Another cutting board, but this time for my brother's birthday. Made from walnut and maple with a salad bowl finish. And yet another shameless plug for my cutting board program. :)
  9. Walnut and Maple Cutting Board

    This was a gift for my Mother in Law. I'm fond of using Gorilla Glue for my boards, and all of them are still in one piece. Walnut and Hard Maple, straight forward checker design. I made this at the same time as the other board I made with the brick pattern (it's in the picture as well).

    You might remember when I exploded my first attempt at making a cutting board. I ran it through the planer once, no problem, second time BOOM! It was a poor clue up and I learned from the lesson. Tonight I was doing some cleaning of my shop and found the pieces in a trash bin. I hate to throw...
  11. 14"x14" Cutting Board

    This is an end grain butcher block cutting board, built for a friend. It is made of rock maple with brazilian cherry accents. Finished with several coats of mineral oil. Thanks for viewing.
  12. Yellow Heart (Satinwood) and Cherry Cutting Boards

    Good o'l original design from the Marc. I think this design is a right of passage into receiving the cutting board bug. I actually get multiple requests for this even though I have other designs i've done. Yellow Heart and Cherry, glued with Gorilla Glue, two coats of 50/50 Salad Bowl Finish...
  13. Endgrain cutting board

    My endgrain cutting board made with walnut, white birch, cherry and hickory wood which I topped off with a mineral oil finish.
  14. Cutting board entry

    These are my entries to the cutting board community. I'm hoping that even just one of them will pass the qualifications of LJ's Cutting Board Society. :) The 1st photo was made of Maple and Walnut. 2nd one I believe was my 1st cutting board and was made of Walnut, Maple, and Cherry. The 3rd...
  15. Another cutting board

    Here's another end-grain cutting board made of Purpleheart and White Guayana Rosewood. Finished it with butcher block conditioner (mineral oil and beeswax). Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  16. Cutting board

    My first end grain cutting board made for my step son this last Christmas. Woods used include cherry, hard maple, bigleaf maple, madrone, Monterey Cypress and I think there was some hickory….not sure about that though. So many woods! I know I wanted to use some hickory- maybe I just wanted to...
  17. Two more cutting boards

    These cutting boards are identical and were a LOT more complicated than any previous ones. The woods are: White Limba, Purpleheart, Black Cherry, and Brazilian Cherry. They were made for my Mother-in-Law and my wife's aunt for last Xmas. They LOVED them! Thanks for looking and as always, all...
  18. Cutting Board w/ handle slot

    I made nine of the birch and walnut cutting boards for gifts, while using up a bunch of scrap wood.
  19. Cutting Boards for Christmas

    Well…my first project post. Here we go. I decided to make a cutting board as a Christmas present for my step-mom. It is one of the ones in the picture with three of them. I have a version just like it, only bigger, that I made my wife a couple years ago. it has been nice to use, but really too...
  20. Fun projects

    Two projects to try something different and to use fall offs. The large chip and dip bowl was made using a CMT router bit and extension. The wood is Alder and the finish is Waterlox. The cutting board was made from the fall offs of the chip bowl and then trimmed with Red Oak and finished with...
1-20 of 500 Results