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  1. Custom Desk Insert to Match Mantle

    This project was something I promised the homeowner after we did the mantle last year. I knew from the beginning I would hate it because it was such a royal pain to fit it in the space and get it installed. I still had fun in the design and execution. There are subtle bevels and angles to...
  2. Kitchen corner bench for a nook

    This is a corner bench for a clients kitchen nook, they wanted one that did not have a corner section since they do not have alot of room. Making without the 45 degree section proved to be a little trickier than I thought. I huess this is why you can't buy one without one. John Visit my blog...
  3. Key holder

    I got tired of losing all my keys… Not a bad idea, eh? Now I just need to find a place to put it!
  4. Just another candle holder

    I had a request for a candle holder with no oil, finish or stain. It is also the first time I used my jaw chuck on my lathe. Anyone know what kind of wood this is? I forgot to check :/ I love the grain though.
  5. The Heavy Lift

    It's always troubling to me when the most challenging part of a project is the where and not the how or what. The three flights of exterior fire escape were without a doubt the most troublesome part of this project. I fretted over the load out and the load in but in the end I had blown it all...
  6. Great Bookcase

    This a bookcase made of solid Walnut and Walnut veneer. Custom was the understatement here. The client has great taste and wanted something unique for their great room. When we first saw the drawings we did not know how we were going to make the solid dome in the top section. We have done many...
  7. Walnut Name Tags

    This is a new product I am developing. The letters are kind of abstract. I haven't worked out all the letters, shapes and combinations yet, but I am excited about it. These names are little bigger round than a No.2 Ticonderoga pencil. Pretty close to the blade work. I use my Model 93 scroll saw...
  8. Military Shadow Box Table

    I made this table for my 1st Sergeant who retired after 29 years of military service in the USAF. Although this took a while to make, it was well worth the time and effort. It is made of red oak 1X material and oak ply finished with a few coats of minwax classic oak stain. This is a project I...
  9. Last one I swear!!!... probably.

    Some more crud wood from Lowe's. Based on the other's comments it may be some kind of pine??? This is the first piece I used my drill bit tailstock with. That thing is so cool… I used an oil finish to see what it would look like. Oh, and that is probably the only time I'll light a candle in...
  10. Hat Making Tool: Rounding Jack Brim Cutter, w/Laser Engraving for Inaaya Hat Co., London, England

    This Walnut Rounding Jack has been (SOLD) and is headed to London, England. Rounding Jack Serial Number #2008-10 Cutting Capacity: 1.25" - 8" Cutting Path: Clockwise Materials: Walnut, Brass, & Abalone Shell If you are looking for a Rounding Jack, email me for more information at...
  11. Wood Cellphone Case

    A while ago I decided it was time to stop scratching my phone and because I couldnt find a cover for my cellphone model I decided to make one. Its made of plywood wheets glued together with superglue and a black leather fabric inside to soft thinghs up. Theres the project video Hope you guys...
  12. Custom Taxidermy Base Pedestal Deer Buck Mount

    This pedestal was originally a floor lamp, our custom had us cut it down and convert it into a taxidermy pedestal. This is a piece of juniper and is finished with satin polycrylic.
  13. Completed kitchen Nook with table....

    For more detail visit: Dont mind all the dusty handprints…..... John
  14. Juniper Log Furniture Custom End Table w Pine Top

    This little table stand 30" tall and the table top itself is around 12". The top and the bottom are made from burled pine and the pedestal is twisted juniper. It was finished with Seal A Cell
  15. Hat Making Tool: Rounding Jack, w/Laser Engraving for The Penman Hat Co.

    This Maple Rounding Jack has been (SOLD). Rounding Jack Serial Number #2008-09 Cutting Capacity: 1.25" - 8" Cutting Path: Clockwise Materials: Maple, Walnut, Brass, & Abalone Shell If you are looking for a Rounding Jack, email me for more information at: [email protected]
  16. MiniTag Mania

    These are Cocobolo, Paduak and Purpleheart, respectively. They measure approximately 7/16" high, 1/4" thick and 2 - 2 3/4" long.
  17. My First Goblet... awwwwwww, cute.

    Well, it's pretty rough at some parts, but I was going more for completion than skill. It's the first thing I've turned that is deeper than an inch XD. It's still only about 3.75" inches deep, but hey, we have to start somewhere right??? No finish or oil, just a lot of sanding and cursing.
  18. Wood Notebooks

    Made these wooden notebooks and filmed my first woodworking video for my new Youtube. Looking to make more in the future. Video Link Below KevBotWorkshop - Wooden Notebook Build Notebooks were assembled like small cutting boards, book matched, finished with Arm R Seal Satin. Pupleheart and...
  19. Double Head Floor Mount Taxidermy Pedestal Display Stand

    We wanted to share with you another taxidermy pedestal that we have made. This one is made for 2 mounts. Juniper Shoulder Mount Taxidermy Pedestal The pedestal is made from juniper and blue pine *Specifics on this item Measurements: Pedestal arms are 53" and 54" tall. Top bases measure 8" x...
  20. Entertainment Center for 73" TV | Custom

    This is an entertainment center that was completed in February 2010. It was built for a 73" television. The customer gave me free reign on the project. I built is as a "built in" to be built in the shop and assembled on site. I chose Pine wood with a clear coat to match the wall paneling...
21-40 of 500 Results