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  1. Custom Shaped Banquete / Nook Dining Table

    What do you do when you have a bay window dining nook and you can't put a round or square table there?? You get one custom made to fit the shape!! My client had some built in seating / storage and I crafted this custom shaped dining table for them. 100% of my work is custom and I build my...
  2. Wine Glass Box

    A friend I work with asked if I would make a simple box that holds a bottle of wine for him to give as a wedding present. I agreed to make him one but the "simple" request had to go. This is make from walnut and curly maple. The legs are hinged on the bottom (no metal) and fold over the top to...
  3. Monster Mantel

    Hello all. I just spent the last day (ok, two if you consider design time) making a mantle. A friend who owns a fireplace store needed a custom mantel for a job right away. It is 60 inches tall, 82 inches wide and 10 inches deep at the top. It is in unfinished cherry, both timber and B2 plywood...
  4. Martial Arts Sword Holder

    This is a custom request. He wanted a sword holder for his martial arts practice swords, but he wanted it different than the typical sword holder found online. The ones online have holders made from a single plank with a "S" type cut outs to hold the swords. In mine I used 45 degree...
  5. Custom New / Old Bench

    Some people have wondered if this bench was made out of reclaimed wood. I made this about a year and a half ago and for a client's screened in outdoor living room. Their theme is rustic and originally they wanted reclaimed heart pine, but didn't want to pay the price for the actual material...
  6. Large panel Headboard| Custom

    This is a large panel headboard that we just completed in April 2017. It is a king size and measures about 96" tall, 76" wide. It is separate from the bed and mounts to the wall. It mounts similar to way hotel headboards mount, with french cleats. We put a light bar at the top which is...
  7. Gun Stock Carving: Walnut Stock Carved with a Wildlife Scene, Flying Ring Necked Pheasant & Oak Leaf

    This was a commissioned project. This gun was the third and final part of a set of guns I did for a family in Wichita, Kansas. You can see the Quail Carving by clicking here You can see the Tom Turkey Carving by clicking here If you have a gunstock that you would like to have...
  8. Custom Handcrafted Black Tie Live Edge SLAB WOOD HARVEST TABLE

    This is a live edge Slab table that my wife and I designed and handcrafed for the Collingwood Art Show! It is made from a 150 year old maple tree that had to be cut as its branches were dropping and becoming a hazard to the town. We were able to make several tables from this tree including the...
  9. Miter/Mitre Box

    As a rookie on woodworking cuting straight isnt one of my strong points, so the miter/mitre box was created!!! I made it from spares, its just two bigger pieces one on each side that I glued and screwed to the bottom, later I aded a piece of acrylic to make it more stable (I ended up changing...
  10. Custom Record Cabinet... for Vinyl LP's

    This is a record chest I built as a commission for a friend. It's made of black walnut, with padauk and maple accent woods. The hand-shaped tops took the longest time. They were something I added in after I started the build, to match the overall look of the piece. (see original drawing above-...
  11. Oak TV Stand | Custom

    This is a Television Stand that was completed on 9-10-2007. I didn't completely build the piece. It was started by the husband of one of my customers. The customer I built the Bookcase/End Tables and The Black Lacquer Bookcases for. Her husband passed away before competing them. After...
  12. Mallet

    Got bored and decided to turn some scrap into a new mallet. The handle is a little skinny, but the wood is pretty dense so it should be fine for light duty??? The handle goes a little over halfway through the head and is fastened with a dowel going through the head and into the handle.
  13. Old cedar mallet

    My first attempt at a mallet. Cedar head, some kind of oak for the handle. The handle goes about halfway into the head and glued. Not too sturdy but hey, it looks cool!!!
  14. chisel holder

    Made this thing out of cheap wood from Lowe's :). Pretty happy with the result. It works well with my $18 set of chisels! (I have upgraded my tools considerably since then)
  15. magic wand

    First attempt at a wand. Made from natural oak I cut down myself.
  16. Magic wand set

    So I guess I have a lot more Harry Potter friends than I thought XD. The first is made from cedar (handle) and oak (blade?), the next two are cedar, last one is some darker light-weight wood I got from the store.
  17. Custome Lightsaber

    The Force is strong with this one!!! Made from oak, some kind of golden stain.
  18. Deleted

    How do I delete?
  19. Custom candle holder

    Disregard this pic. I uploaded a newer one that is upright.
  20. small candle holder

    Sorry, I forgot to take a final picture of this before I gave it away. Just a small votive candle holder made from oak I cut.
1-20 of 500 Results