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  1. Turquoise Inlay, Juniper Log Candle Holder

    Just finished this juniper cancle holder. It fits either votives or tea light candles. I have added turquoise througout, this is one that I was not going to add turquoise but… it was just begging to have it. I finished it with 2 coats of semi gloss polycrylic
  2. CueBriq

    I've engineered and made these custom spring loaded pool cue holders that clamp onto a table Edge. These are made of Walnut, Tiger maple, and Padauc. There is also some Cherry in there, I made each one individualized with the inlays. Really these are the coolest thing ever…
  3. Custom Juniper Log Table with Curly Redwood Top

    This is another juniper table that was custom made for a gentleman in Illinois. It stands around 30" tall and the top is curly redwood with a hand carved edge. We absolutely love the tiger stripe effect the wood has. This was also hand oiled with Seal a Cell
  4. Window Seat

    The corridor in our home features a nook with a window which the previous owners had used as a computer study area. With 1 year old twins in the house we were keen to convert this into a kiddies corner. The first phase was to install a window seat featuring hinged panels that also offered extra...
  5. Mitered Jewelry Boxes

    I had a customer who wanted a custom jewelry box with mitered drawers. I made three at the same time. The boxes are made from walnut, cherry and white oak . Each was a little different. The walnut box was finished with Genral Finishes Arm-R-Seal satin. The cherry boxes were finished with Watco...
  6. Animal trivet hot plates & cutting boards.

    I am working on a collection of animal trivet hot plates and cutting boards to sell to people. I will have a squirrel & and a acorn nut trivet hot plate coming soon. and much more. So far I have a pig trivet hot plate and cutting board and a chicken trivet hot plate and a mushroom trivet hot...
  7. Custom made paring chisel

    It's been a while since i posted here, but a while ago I finished this custom made paring chisel. The blade length is 180mm (7"), 25mm (1") wide with a 100mm (4") long handle. The handturned handle is made from cherry wood, with brass ferule. The handle is slightly longer compared to the handles...
  8. Red Oak Book Shelves with Natural Danish Oil Finish

    Some classic oak bookshelves with a natural danish oil finish.
  9. Home Decor Juniper Log Candle Holder with Tuquoise Inlay

    This particular piece of wood has been sitting under my bench for a year or more, I knew I wanted it to be a candle holder but never could visualize quite what to do with it. When my husband Tim was sandblasting he pointed at the wood and asked what I was going to do with it. Well, right then...
  10. Maple burl knife block

    Made this Maple burl knife block for a friend of mine. It turned out to be a bigger job that I imagined. But it was a fun project. Finished with danish oil and briwax. My first knife block.
  11. Juniper Log Table Lamp with Turquoise Inlay

    This table lamp was finished yesterday. It has turquoise inlay and free standing. It stands 18" tall and is 14" x 11" across the bottom. With a lampshade it will be 27" tall. It is finished with satin polycrylic and has a three way switch
  12. Blogs
    Wicked Floor Lamp, what ribbon like movement Nothing like having numerous projects to work on This lamp is very ribbon like; really flat but with lots of movement. It does have a small burl. The base will be cut down to size which will also shorten the lamp so that it is not so tall. We will...
  13. Blogs
    Piatt Castles in Ohio Hi Lumberjocks, I took some inspiration from my Lumberjocks Buddy and went on a Mark Wilson style caper yesterday - a roadtrip to the Piatt Castles in West Liberty Ohio. Two grand 19th century mansions built by a set of brothers. Stopped my little red car at Mac-A-Cheek...
1-15 of 15 Results