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  1. Maple Bar Stool

    Here is a professional photo of the maple barstool that was posted a while back. This picture shows it off a lot better. maple bar stool Scott Shangraw NM
  2. Mesquite Dining Chairs

    Here is two mesquite dining chairs just completed. They will be going to a good customer in Colorado this weekend.Also found a decent gallery near Aspen to put some pieces so this will be a good trip to CO.This chair I think is my most comfortable chair next to the rocker it has a good lumbar...
  3. Walnut Sette

    While delivering two other chairs to CA also delivered this Walnut Sette.I have posted one of these before but like most pieces I keep changing them a little .The final picture shows it at it's final resting place what a view !!! Also see our rocking chairs See our comfortable dinning chairs...
1-3 of 3 Results