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  1. Tsunami Redheart Guitar

    This latest went to a Naval Pilot from Texas who has been deployed for almost a year, and will come home to this guitar on December 20th, 2011. Front is redheart with peruvian walnut stripes, back is just the opposite. The pickguard is 3MM thick outdoor aged white oak. This is where the oak...
  2. Tsunami SUT (Souped Up Tele)

    This is about as close to a standard model as I get. Tele body with the old style pickguard, inlaid, with THREE pickups. Standard Tele pickups and an additional overwound humbucker in the middle. This one is Ambrosia Maple and Redheart, maple and rosewood neck. Note the opposing racing stripe...
  3. Bass Number 2

    This was actually the third bass but the second one got sidelined after I started this one and then got placed on fourth string when the neck of the second bass turned into the third because the neck fit another body better so the second body got stuck farther down the line. This is a mahogany...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    If there are any Canadians out there looking for gifts for Christmas, Chapters Online is offering free shipping for orders over $25. They have a good selection of woodworking books (and others) and the prices are comparable to Amazon. (I checked.)
1-4 of 4 Results