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  1. Ivita Wellness Dispensary

    I created this for the Ivita Wellness Dispensary in Denver, CO on 17th and Pearl St. This is a showcase display case for the medicinals and edibles Medium - maple wood, poplar spray painted green, glass, burning tool created - April 20th 2012 Sold commissioned piece
  2. Holiday Shows/2010

    My first show was a bust!But the rest were pretty good!Here are some pic of the stuff I sold this years Holiday seasonCutting Boards,Dipping Boards(thanks Closetguy)Cribbage Boards,All kinds of Boards!
  3. Laundry room makeover

    Custom cabinets using 1/2" plywood, poplar face frames and door frames. Mdf door faces. The countertop is maple from Ikea that I finished with arm-r-seal. Breadboard sheet and molding to finish.
  4. Oak Kitchen Cabinet

    My kitchen has limited amount of cabinet space. So this was a project I knew was going to enjoy building. I designed it, and built it to spec. It's just about 95% oak. Mosaic tile top I had built for another project played a major role in the dimensioning of this cabinet. Equipped with full...
  5. Towel Warmer Cabinet

    I was asked if I could build something to mount a towel warmer on, so they would not have to mount it to a wall. I had no idea what a towel warmer was; I told the guy to bring it by and I would give it a shot. This was the end product. He had no idea it would have turned out so nice.
  6. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hi! I came upon this site while looking for someone that could build a custom cabinet for me! Here's the deal…We ar building a screened-in porch attached to our home…it will have a brick fireplace on which we want to mount a flat screen TV. Now, since it's outdoors we are looking for a cabinet...
  7. Blogs
    Kitchen Remodel - Phase 1 Design Kitchen Remodel - New pics added… Well, March is here and the shop is now open. I had planned to have the design of the new kitchen finished but it's not. What a great use of the winter down time but the design process has been long and hard fought with my...
  8. Blogs
    The Proud Pauper's Way Well, it all started just a couple weeks before Christmas. I knew it was coming but didn't appreciate the impact it would have. My girlfriend, Heather, and I decided that we wanted to live together but I didn't want to leave my living space because it's in the building...
  9. Hand Tools
    Hello I am looking to do a live edge slab coffee table and was wondering if i could get away with just using a router and sled assembly to flatten the board and then finish off with a smoothing plane. I should note I do not have a plane at the moment but have used them before. Good planes are...
1-9 of 9 Results