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  1. Cabinet for Dining Room

    I finished this cabinet earlier this year, Can anyone guess what the timbers are ? Yes the door and drawer panels are solid with natural feature , see 4th picture I plan a wine rack in lower right but at this time do not have suitable timber Garry
  2. shaker inspired cupboard

    My wife needed a small cupboard for storing overflow kitchen items. She had something in this spot allready, but it was pretty much useless when it came to storage (attached as picture 3 - as you can see it was all leg). By using the same footprint I greatly increased the storage capacity and...
  3. Shaker Cabinet

    Classic shaker style cupboard. All cheap big-box pine, except for the butterflies and knob.
  4. Walnut Curio Cabinet

    This is my first extensive woodworking project and it really challenged my skills. The walnut for the project was given to me by my dad. He had it stored in a shed for the last 25 years. The wood was pretty rough looking and dirty when I got it but, it planed up nicely. I didn't show the rough...
  5. Lathe Table

    Somehow over the past couple months I've ended up with as many mini lathes. Not that I'm complaining at all, but they needed a place to live. I'd rather rapidly taken over the entire table top in guy pal's garage. Given that my tools and I will be moving to our own garage in a few months, I...
  6. Frame & Panel Cabinet / Toy Cupboard

    Finally finished this one… I've been working on it off & on since September - two kids makes for much less time in the shop. This is another one of my projects that started as a simple idea, and grew out of hand. I wanted to make a quick & easy cupboard of some sort to "hide" the...
  7. North Carolina Corner Cupboard

    This is a reproduction of an 18th century corner cupboard from Northeastern North Carolina (Perquimans County, it is in the Bivins book if anyone is interested). Materials: Black walnut with Cypress secondary wood. Hardware from Londerry brasses(hinges) and Ball and Ball(locks). Finish...
  8. corner cupboard/dust collector

    this was done about five years ago sadly gone with the house four years ago in a fire
  9. Cherry Corner Cabinet

    I started this corner cabinet maybe three years ago and finally just got all of the divided lights and glass shelves installed. Its loosely based off of a cabinet I saw on The Woodwrights' Shop, which is in turn based off of a classic cabinet located in the metropolitan museum of art. The upper...
  10. Jelly Cupboard

    Pine jelly cupboard. Stained exterior, painted interior.
  11. Nightstands / End Tables

    Body made of pine with butternut tops and doors.
  12. Small Cupboard

    Pine with a birch top. Stain is amix between Minwax Gunstock and Minwax English Chesnut. About 50/50. Before the last coat of poly I nailed some upholstery nails onto the top for decoration then polyed the last coat on.
  13. Country Kitchen Cupboard and Hutch

    This country-style kitchen cupboard and hutch was roughly based on Fine Woodworking's Country Hutch from issue #189. The frame for the base was made from reclaimed 2×6 white oak barn wood. The panels, doors, and drawer fronts are all quarter sawn white oak. The drawer bodies are made from...
  14. Pallet wood Hoosier Pie Safe

    We needed a cupboard to store all of our canned goods from last summers garden and had a couple pallets and old window frames collecting dust in the barn. It was a pretty straight forward build that I just free handed with no real plan in mind. I called it a Hoosier pie safe bc that was the...
  15. live edge walnut armoire

    This armoire was made entirely from a walnut tree cut locally here in Golden, Co. The material was air-dried, and all of the tree was brought to me in approx. 2" rough planks, with live edges in place. Since I wanted to use only material from this tree in the piece, I had to carefully choose...
  16. Shoe Cupboard

    This project was for a client to store an extensive shoe collection. It fits inside an existing alcove next to a very similar built in cupboard. This was designed to look like an extension of the existing cupboard. I made the shelving unit first from 18mm mdf just using two side pieces with...
  17. Cupboard

    Here is my version, in cherry, of the old -time kitchen cupboards that everybody's Grandma had in their kitchen when I was a youngster. Any of you Andy Griffith and Mayberry fans? Mine is very similar to the one Aunt Bea had in her kitchen. Finish is a blend of oil finishes, hand applied in...
  18. Shaker Cupboard

    This is a cupboard I was commissioned to build by a customer who did the actual design. I took some liberties on the details such as the cove moulding (made on the table saw) and hardware. Ideally I would have stained this piece but the customer wanted it painted to match a large cabinet in...
  19. Shaker cupboard

    I was drawn to this piece because of the pure simplicity. The moldings and bead details on the top add some pizazz, but the beauty is in the simple lines. Easy to build. Shelves are dadoed in and the back is shiplapped. All cherry with white oak pegs in the mortise and tenons. Non-mortise...
  20. Anjali playing with the cats

    This was a christmas present for a friend, of her daughter, commission by her mum.
1-20 of 80 Results