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  1. Bowl and Cup

    I turned these out of hard maple and purpleheart. I cut concentric circles out of 4/4 boards using my router table, then glued up and used my lathe to finish them. I used the cutoffs from the interior of the cup as tenons to grip them in my scroll chuck, and then used a jamb chuck to finish the...
  2. Cupcake holder for Special Events

    I built a few of these for weddings and graduation parties this year. Very simple, quick and cheap. They look great when loaded with deliciousness!!!! Plywood circles cut out using my shop built band saw jig, a few pieces of 3" PVC pipe, a length of threaded rod, some nuts and washers and (2)...
  3. Goblet candle stick holder

    Made this out of an old fence post - at least 40 years old.
  4. Cedar Goblet

    Last summer a windstorm came by and uprooted this gorgeous red cedar. I decided to try my luck with a live-edge turning. The wood was so wet my fingers were dripping water while I was turning. But after giving it a couple nights to dry out, it was ready to be turned to the finished dimensions...
  5. My first Lathe Project

    I have collected wood mugs and cups for a long time so the first thing I wanted to make was wood drink ware.
  6. Travel Mug, Spalted Maple

    Here is another GoodWill "Re-Build" Spalted Maple Travel Mug. 8 piece Staved construction. Started with one of those travel mugs that have a stainless steel lower section with the plastic inside and bottom. Removed the bottom and trimmed. Removed the stainless and replaced with the Maple...
  7. Newton’s Gravity Defying Puzzle

    This puzzle was dropped off on my desk last week. The "rocket" is placed in the cup. You must remove it without dumping it out or using tools (paper clips, tape, etc.). The problem is that there is no place to grab the rocket. How do you get it out? See video at the end if you can't figure it...
  8. More Goblets

    I finally finished a few more goblets. Like the first one I did, these are cherry bases. The first one was made as a gift, these I'm thinking of selling.
  9. Segented Wine Goblets

    Here are a pair of wine goblets I made. Had to try another segmented turning after my last one did not turn out. (they say to get back on that horse so I did) Left one is Walnut and Maple. Right one is Padauk and Maple. Each have 54 pieces for a total of 108 pieces of wood. Walnut and Padauk...
  10. Itty Bitty Pretties

    I got into spindle turning about 10 years ago and then bowl turning a couple of years later. While trying my hand at hollowing, I encountered typical beginner difficulties and relegated several pieces of wood to the "kindling bin." Two of these pieces were chunks of Bay. I recently learned that...
  11. Lacewood cup

    A lacewood cup with a few coats of French polish from Lee Valley, which took very well! Silky smooth… I really enjoyed turning lacewood, the pattern really is something else!
  12. Small Yew Cup/Goblet

    A small Cup or Goblet, 4 inches tall, in English Yew. Sanded to 600 grit, then finished with 2 coats or Chestnut Hard Wax Oil (de-nibbed with 0000 wire wool between coats), and burnished to a high gloss with Burnishing Cream. A fun piece to make! Comments welcome.
  13. FIREWOOD BLOCK, sometimes it takes allot of trimming before you find a usable piece

    Cheap way to go, but the result can be priceless, The cuttings can be turned into heat energy though. Wanted to make a winged vase like I seen in a book, so started with a crotch section of the tree. Cut, cut and cut some more, not much left, change of plans. Just mount on the lathe and see...
  14. Maple Chalice

    I had the opportunity to fix a failed project I attempted over a year ago. I had maple in my yard from a tree that I had cut down a few years ago. This was before my interest in woodworking really bloomed and I, unfortunately, did not know to seal the logs. Most cracked over time, but I had a...
  15. A Few Small Turnings.

    Here are a few turnings I did this last week or so. Just doing some practice and playing around. It is my main way to relax after work. 2 Footed Cups from pallet wood. Tall one is 5 tall x 2. Small is 2 1/4×1 1/2. Finish is mineral oil. Another Zebrawood Bowl with Cocabolo Lid and Oak Finial...
  16. Pencil Holder - Ebony and Osage Orange

    A pencil holder .. i.e. tall nick nack .. made from Osage Orange and Ebony
  17. Segmented Cup of Zebrawood

    I was going for the ice cream cone look Zebrawood with a Kingwood base CA Glue and MiniWax
  18. Older project pics .. small bowls and cups

    A variety of older projects from when I first started a few years ago
  19. Older project pics - small bowls and cups

    Older project pics - small bowls and cups the grey looking wood o one small cup came from a huge oak in my yard. When I was splitting logs I noticed these dark blue areas of the wood, streaks and patches of blue. I saved some and turned it and when polished it looks quite grey and lost most...
  20. Tiny cup - Ebony, Paduak and Osage Orange

    Tiny cup made from Ebony, Paduak and Osage Orange
1-20 of 153 Results