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  1. DION kitchen

    This kitchen is solid wood. Lots and lots and lots of work. omg!
  2. cuisine MDF

    Je suis charpentier de 23 ans, je travaille tous les bois mais le mdf le bois est plus facile
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I am an absolute novice who is just getting started. First real project will be a workbench. I am leaning towards Mike Seimsen's viseless Nicholson Bench (Naked Woodworker) but am also considering Paul Sellers' version, which has a vise and is considerably taller. Does anyone out there have...
  4. Blogs
    Picnic Time! I've been thinking about this for quite a while, and was waiting for the right moment to get this going. After talking about it with several of you MA residents, and getting a good vibe from you guys. I think it's time we make it official: Lumberjocks of New England Picnic Day...
1-4 of 4 Results