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  1. Cube In a Cube - Puzzler

    Recently, I saw a video that someone posted from a local woodworking club that I belong to in Indiana . It showed how to make a cube in a cube. At first glance I thought how the heck did someone do that? It must have been whittled. Turns out, it's a really simple trick with a drill press and...
  2. I made a thingy ma jiggy :)

    I think those pictures say enough. You should know, a cube in a cube. And, I know many people who touch it are going to try force it out, so I made it out of a wood that is Hard. Hard Maple. One tip of advice. Never try cut a actual 3" by 3" piece of hard maple on a mitre box (hand). It takes...
  3. Cube in a Cube

    This was my first project, the cube in a cube. Quick and Easy!
  4. Blogs
    Cube-in-a-cube puzzle Another older video that has become my most-viewed video on YouTube, with over 58,000 views. I read about this in American Woodworker and decided to try it out. Give it a shot…it's easy and gives visitors to your house something to talk about.
  5. Blogs
    Cube In a Cube Puzzler I recently completed a Cube In a Cube Puzzler Piece. This was a fun afternoon project. Here is a video of what I did to make it. You can check out more about this over at my site:
1-5 of 5 Results