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  1. Cuban Mahogany Trumpet Bowl

    Taken from a tree blown down in a storm several years back. 11" diameter rim. Epoxy finish.
  2. A few of my latest...

    #1 - New Walnut "Wave" 2-Liner keychain #2 - Mesquite and Birdseye maple knuckle ring #3 - Cuban Mahogany Love Keychain #4 - MiniTag - Amboyna Burl with Pau amarello reinforcing back #5 - Google Doodle for fun! Maple with acrylic inks. #6 - Bloodwood Keychains The orders come from all...
  3. Sunday's Projects

    The first two are from a beauty walnut chunk. The third is Cuban Mahogany with an inlaid Purpleheart heart. It is beveled on the back edge to tilt the names up. No.'s 4 and 5 are colored Maple. The last is Brazilian cherry display names (also with the back edges beveled).
  4. Celtic Cross & Shamrocks

    Celtic cross 24' x 16" hand carved Cuban Mahogany. Shamrocks 6" x6" hand carved Cuban Mahogany.
1-4 of 4 Results