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  1. Chang and Eng

    A pair of salt/pepper crush grinders. Laminated turning blank of walnut, maple, oak and cherry. Identifying "dots" are African Blackwood for pepper and a piece of deer antler for salt. About 11" tall. Rattle can lacquer finish. Crushgrind kits from Woodcraft.
  2. Right Side Up Spice mills

    Christmas 2006. Everyone of my poor relatives got stuck with Right Side Up Pepper and Salt mills - based on J.R. Beall's design. These feature the cool CrushGrind ceramic mills (you guessed it - This pair have black palm inlay around the shaker heads. Both the walnut and...
  3. Ash Pepper Mill

    This is my second Crushgrind peppermill - again in ash. Mother in law is thrilled and I am hooked on making pepper grinders. I like the shape but I think the next one needs to be a bit more dramatic. Also I need to remember to keep clear of the head/body joint when adding decoration.
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  4. Wood & Lumber
    I worked for 15 years for a wood flooring company and now I have tons of maple, cherry, walnut, etc laying around. Any project ideas besides cutting boards and segmented woodturning would be appreciated now that I have set up a woodshop in my barn. I have most power tools except a mortise machine.
1-4 of 4 Results