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  1. Pennsylvania Desk on Frame

    This Desk on Frame was started at Lonnies Bird's School in Dandridge, TN. His plans orriginally called for a frame to have tapered legs and the desk was drawn up based on a period MA desk. I wanted to have cabriole legs so, with Lonnie's help, I redesigned the frame. I used trifed feet so now I...
  2. Rustic Cherry table and end tables

    This cherry table set was made from a two bookmatched knotty slabs. The character of the wood was terrific for the project, RUSTIC. The crotches had some checking, and were filled with System 3 epoxy to stabilize. The legs are turned at 45°, and are connected to the aprons with sliding...
  3. Turned Hockey Stick Pen

    I made this pen using wood from an old hockey stick. The clip on the pen is also a hockey stick. The laminations of wood in the hockey stick really make an interesting looking pen.
  4. Blogs
    A "Mini" Series - up to present I'm posting these pictures as a means to get bloggin'…and, because I'm interested in milling and drying lumber (on a scale that I can accommodate - in the backyard). I'm also brand new at it, so it's just fun to share! I would have liked to have photos or video...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    Got your attention? Great! I have a very unconventional task and would appreciate your expertise. Q: How can I insert a 1/4" metal rod inside a 36" cane shaft? The project is a cane shaft made from crotchwood Claro Black Walnut. Yes, crosswood of 36" long, grains going all directions but...
1-5 of 5 Results