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  1. Hand Joinery Bedside Table

    Quarter-sawn Mahogany, 2010 "Hand Joinery Bedside Table" was my first project completed at Rochester Institute of Technology. The requirements for this piece was to use all hand tools to make a small table, using only the bandsaw to rough out general shapes, every finished surface and all...
  2. Telescoping Ceiling Light Test Stand

    I built two of these telescoping stands to test various ceiling light options in preparation for an upcoming kitchen remodel. Our kitchen is lit by two large four-tube fluorescent light boxes. I've hated those things for years, and we'd like to replace them with something more modern, but...
  3. Heirloom live edge walnut dining table

    This all started with my grandpa caring for little tree that sprouted in his garden, he moved it to a safe place and took care of it. My dad at the time asked him what he was doing and he replied "someone is going to build something out of this some day". Fast forward 50 years and he has...
1-3 of 3 Results