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  1. A simple Cribbage Board

    Long time stalker. First time poster. I started making man glitter a couple of years ago. Every year my dad gets a cribbage board of some sort. Here is this years offering. The base wood is Ipe (pain in the workbench to work with). The inlay is a curly maple, bubinga and lacewood. A few...
  2. Cribbage Board

    A cribbage board for my mother-in-law made from bloodwood and yellowheart and finished with danish oil.
  3. Cribbage board

    A few pictures of the cribbage board that I just finished. Walnut base and a padauk top.
  4. cribbage boards

    the large board i did back in 2002 the pic was freehand then burnt into the board. the peg holes TOOOOOk forever and still made mistakes but love using it to count cards. the other is still being drilled…...
  5. Walnut Cribbage Board

    A lady contacted me and asked for a cribbage board to celebrate her Dad's 60th birthday. We went through several ideas of what the final product would look like but in the end, this is what I came up with. Her Dad is from Port aux Choix in Newfoundland so I wanted to find something to represent...
  6. Christmas Boxes

    Here are my first attempts at boxes. The one is a cribbage board for my parents. What I lack in woodworking skill I more than make up for in the fun I have working on these projects!
  7. Cribbage Board

    Used purple heart, hickory and walnut. Center is a 3 piece dovetail with one end able to slide out to reach pegs that are stored in the slot I mortised out in the lower board. Finish is General Finishes Gloss.
  8. Cribbage Board

    Base is cherry and cribbage board is walnut. Finished with General Finishes gloss.
  9. Massachusetts cribbage game

    At my last woodworking show I had a number of requests for cribbage boards. Here is my version out of cherry with a secret compartment underneath to store game pieces
  10. Cribbage board Christmas gifts

    This black walnut cribbage board has a maple inlay as well as a 3D carving. All the pieces were made using a CNC with some handwork to clean up the pieces before assembling.
  11. Drill indexing jig (cribbage board)

    As hard as we try to raise our kids right and steer them onto the straight and narrow, the inevitable finally happened and my daughter fell into the wrong crowd: cribbage players. After hanging out with these hooligans for a few years, she's begun an attempt to pull me into this shady...
  12. Recycled butcher block

    I was able to savage this wood before it got "turfed" to the wood pile. The cribbage board is its new purpose in life. I've got enough wood to make another 7 or 8 boards but I doubt I'll be making that many! It's nice and heavy, about 1 1/2" thick, 17" long and 4 1/2" wide. Prez
  13. This Years Cribbage Board

    Once again a simple cribbage board for my dad for his birthday. You wouldn't believe how many panels I made until I got the angles correct. But once you have the blocks set and the compound angle set on the saw you can make panels all day long. Also, when placing the magnets you have to align...
  14. Monster Cribbage Board

    I am certain I mentioned before that I am still very much a beginner. I also have a lot of help from my kid who is 12 and can be a bit distracted at times. With that all up front here is a monster cribbage board that we made for a friend of mine. He and I play every chance we get and I know that...
  15. Cribbage Cooler Games Table

    Cedar Cibbage Cooler Table with XXL large metal cribbage pegs and ice tray.
  16. Cribbage Coffee Table

    Here's a cribbage coffee table I was asked to make for a Christmas present. I had all freedom for design and color. Made it out of scrap wood I had laying around the shop. The hairpin legs came from another project. If I ever did this again I would make templates for each section and use a guide...
  17. Cribbage Table

    A commission from a client stationed in Egypt. This 21" x 32" coffee table is a cribbage board. This table stand 18" high, a comfortable position for playing crib. A convenient drawer for pegs and cards allows for storage. The maple and walnut are highlighted with 3 coats of Tung Oil.
  18. Domino box with cribbage board

    A co-worker had these dominos, which were his dad's, in a battered cardboard box wrapped in a rubber band. He wanted his kids to be able to play, and wanted something that looked nicer, that he could keep out and display. Fun little project!
  19. Cribbage Boards & Methodist Plaque

    Here are some items that I made for a fundraiser at church last weekend. The Lead South Dakota cribbage board is made out of hard maple and I laser engraved a picture of George Hearst, the Homestake gold mine, and the Homestake logo on the board. The Deadwood cribbage board is made out of...
  20. Iowa Cribbage board

    Sometimes you run into a piece of wood by accident and you find it difficult to sell once you see its beauty. Such was the case recently of this piece of walnut I made into an Iowa shaped cribbage board for one of my oldest friends to give to her brother for Christmas. We grew up across the road...
1-20 of 112 Results