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  1. Pistachio Floating Top Cribbage Boards

    These are the boards originally ordered. They have male pistachio tops and mesquite bottoms and drawers for the cards and pegs. I made these drawers thicker so the pegs can be loaded straight up. They each have 2 pairs of magnets to hold them in and I put a finger slot in the bottom to open...
  2. cribbage

    Here's a gift for a friend on fathers day who likes cribbage and astronomy. The ring is 11in in size. I guess it falls under unique cribbage boards. Hope he likes it.
  3. Michigan Cribbage Board

    Just finished my first Michigan cribbage board for my wife's brother-in-law's birthday. Turned out very nice. A big chunk of walnut. My local awards shop makes the little brass plaques for about a buck apiece. A cheap way to personalize a job. I found one heck of a piece of walnut for the...
  4. Cribbage boards

    Hi everyone, I took a shot at making cribbage boards after seeing some of the ones done by others on here. I liked the swivel boards and decided to make them off of a four track pattern I got from Meisel woodworking. I made one in the past without a pattern for the holes and it was a lot harder...
  5. F150 cribbage board

    Custom cribbage board done and out the door for new customer Kim Casper Turney from this photo to a piece Hard marble maple - at Djnphotowoodworking. (7 photos
  6. Laminated Maple/Walnut Cribbage Board

    This board is created out of Maple with a 1" Walnut strip between the track and the game pegs. It is 3/4 inch thick, 8 inches wide and 15 inches long. It has a storage slot for pegs in the bottom of the board.
1-6 of 6 Results