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  1. crescent dovetail maple & cherry

    One of my favorite dovetail joints
  2. Roadside Cross

    I made this cedar cross, to order, to be put at a crash site on the side of the road. The cedar part is 30" tall and is 1" thick. I finished it with spar varithane and glued and nailed it together using titebond III. The cross is reinforced with weatherized yellow pine that can be driven into...
  3. Moon Car

    This is a little (7" tall) wooden car. The moon is manzanita burl. The moon man is sugar maple. A unique glass bead hangs like a lantern on a brass rod.
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    I am cleaning out a warehouse, and came across a very heavy duty, three phase table saw. I am looking for a buyer. Here is what I know so far: It was manufactured by Crescent Tool in Ohio and looks similar to this but is in better shape...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I recently acquired an old Crescent Bandsaw. It is definitely in need of some TLC but fully functional and a beautiful machine. The only problem is the 3phase Motor it came with. I do not have 3 phase power at my shop. I'm thinking i can instead buy a good single phase 220 3-5 hp.i plan on using...
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    This bandsaw came to me recently through a school auction. It is large and very heavy (at least 600lbs) and looks to be pretty complete, it is only missing one door latch but the knobs are all there. The upper and lower guides and tension mechanism all look complete. It has a 1 HP, 3 Phase...
  7. Marketplace Classifieds
    Crescent 8" Jointer for sale on Columbia South Carolina Craigslist - $750
  8. Blogs
    Master Bedroom Watch this video that takes a quick tour of the furniture I've made for my master bedroom. Future blog entries will include the family room, kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom, and living room. I've built seven pieces of furniture for my master bedroom over the years. I like...
1-8 of 8 Results