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  1. Cremation Box

    My mother-in-law passed away recently and the family wanted me to make a cremation box for her ashes. Not having done one before I was a little hesitant. This is what I came up with and I think it turned out great. Made with walnut and maple with her initials done with marquetry in the top...
  2. Wood urn

    My wife's aunt passed away. The surviving ladies from the family met with the funeral home guys. They decided she would be cremated, and her ashes spread on some family timber ground this coming summer. They checked out urns to hold the ashes until they could be spread, and were surprised they...
  3. Seeing the positive side

    I was asked to make the cremation urn for my father-in-law's ashes. I wanted to make a container for the ashes, but also wanted to include a compartment for people to write their thoughts, a prayer, sendoff… whatever (5). I used walnut to honor his favorite walnut tree, carved the rose (2 & 3)...
  4. Chip carved cremains box

    This commissioned cremains box is made from basswood with a butternut frame, lined with red velvet. The lotus flower and lion are special symbols in remembrance of DFR. Thanks for looking. Your comments are always welcome.
  5. Cremation Memorial Box

    My sister-in-law asked me to make a cremation memorial box for her dad who died in a car accident. Her requirements were, "All he wanted was a pine box". I couldn't bring myself to just make a plain pine box, so I added a bit of walnut to it. I hope he would be happy with the modification.
  6. Small cremation box

    I had a small piece of spectacular crotch walnut left over from another project so decided to make this little box. It's all about the wood.
  7. 1st Cremation Urn

    Here is my 1st cremation urn. A close friend asked me to build two of these back in 2020. Rather large at around 300 cubic inch. As he wanted plenty of room inside to add some personal items. Wood is Ash, and Goncalo Alves.
  8. Cremation Urn

    Another Cremation Urn, Becoming a popular requested project for me. This one is Red Oak, and Walnut. Approximate size is 8.5"x6.5"x7" tall. Around 190 cubic inches inside.
  9. Cremation Urn - Walnut and Aromatic Cedar

    A couple Sundays ago my father in law passed away unexpectedly. He was to be cremated so I volunteered to make an urn for his ashes. This box is made from aromatic cedar and walnut. I put (walnut) corner splines in place and ran a strip through the boards used for the top and bottom. The sides...
  10. Another Save

    Like the other dove box posted, I had a pair of doves making a nest somewhere they would not be successful. These guys were trying to nest on top of a ladder on my patio. There was a huge pile of grass, twigs and other nest matrial on the ground. I put up this nest box last night and removed...
  11. Cremation Urns

    Late last year I received an unfortunate call from Florida that my father had passed. As you can imagine it was a terrible shock and great loss for our family. Despite the loss it was comforting to know that Dad lived a long and happy life and was fortunate enough to pass peacefully in his...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    So I've got this Hitachi C10FL. (I know, I know… I'll never do it again.) I'm looking for a replacement fence system. I've got my eye on the Delta T2 30" as shown here: Opinions? I'm open to anything from how to make the stock fence behave, to if...
  13. Site Help and Suggestions
    There was a something on building your own casket a while back I was excited and turn off at the same time. Where would you keep it? Would you show it to friends? Would you let them try it out for size? Would you make alteration? Change your mind about the finish. Now this next thing is real...
  14. Blogs
    Made the buy!!!! OK….. I pulled the trigger on the Porter Cable #4216 dovetail jig. I need it for the kitchen in the new house and I am up against a huge deadline. The few extra dollars I paid for this unit is for the templates included. Mini dovetails and box joints and a through dovetail and...
1-14 of 14 Results